I was born in 1981 in Bad Godesberg, Bonn, Germany. He studies Theoretical and Applied linguistics at the University of Bonn, with Psychology and Computer Science as minor. Further interests lie in Philosophy and Political science. He loves foreign languages.

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In my opinion Wikipedia is exactly what the world wide web was meant to be, when it was invented: To make informations accessible for free all around the world as fast as possible. But then came the economy, the media, the political institutions, the law, and many more, who made the internet just another part of the real world. By having this wiki, we separated an area of this www for our own use, under our own control, with own dynamics. Breaking the barriers is what we need to do, so equality for access to information is possible.

The main task for us is at the moment to establish the wikipedia on all social levels, and to find experts in all realms of knowledge. Furthermore we should aim on lowering barriers not only for physical access to the wikipedia in the poorer areas of the world, but also in concern of different languages, handicaps, ipv6, mirrors und comprehensibility of articles. Wikipedia should implement, what's demanded by german students at demonstrations: Education for all, for free.

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