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I'm a young Swede currently studying in Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm a huge science nerd having competed in several international science competitions.

On Wikipedia, I work in a lot of different areas the primary ones being templates and bots as well as any backlog I find interesting at the moment ranging from edit requests to citation errors. I've also done significant work on the huge article merger backlog and done some content creation at Education in Sweden and my DYK Gasklockan, Gothenburg. I would like to return to more content creation in the not too far future, possibly working on Delphinus, my favorite constellation, or bring Gasklockan, Gothenburg to GA status and create an article on Gullbergsvass gasworks.

I will happily respond to suggestions for new template features or tweaks to PearBOT on my talk page. If you have any other feedback about any of my actions, my bot or my non-admin closures it would be greatly appreciated on my talk page!

I often have quite a lot of things on my to-do list, so if you feel like I've forgotten something feel free to ping me and I will hopefully deal with it swiftly.


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Other accountsEdit

I have 3 alternative accounts:

I also do a decent amount of copy editing while logged out at a variety of IP addresses most of which I can't identify. This is due to my Wikipedia reader of choice, the mobile app, doesn't work well with 2FA making it a hassle to log in for every minor edit. Only uncontroversial copy editing while reading articles is done this way.