Thanks for visiting my userpage! My name's Tony, and I'm an administrator, CheckUser, and oversighter on the English Wikipedia. These are just fancy ways of saying the community has given me a few extra buttons to help with issues relating to privacy. I also hold global renamer rights, but if you want help with that, it'd likely get done more quickly if you follow the instructions on this page.

At various points in my time on Wikipedia I’ve been involved in improving processes, creating content, working against abuse and harassment, and even making a few changes to our overall view on article creation. These days, unfortunately, I don’t have as much time for Wikipedia as I’d like, so I mainly concentrate the time I do have on CheckUser investigations and assisting in oversight matters as needed. If you need help in an article on history of religion, particularly Western Christianity or Islam, I’m happy to lend a hand though.

Despite the fact that most of my work now focuses behind the scenes, I’m a firm believer that we are fundamentally here to build an encyclopedia and that our content work is the reason for our existence. I view my work as an a functionary and administrator as assisting those who build the content to be able to do so in an environment and culture that is conducive to that. All that we do should be done with the question of what improves Wikipedia for the reader in mind, and I hope every edit or action I take works towards that goal.

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