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Welcome to my userpage! Until recently I edited under the username "Tokyogirl79", which I initially chose because I liked Ace of Base and their song "Tokyo Girl" was one of my favorites. (My fondness for the band has greatly diminished after reports that Ulf Ekberg was part of a neo-Nazi band and that Ace of Base may have been an extension of that. Whether or not it's true, that is kind of a buzzkill.)

I changed it because while I still like the name, it doesn't fit me as well as it used to when I was in my teens and early 20s. There's also a question of whether or not it would be considered culturally insensitive, as I am not Japanese, nor have I ever been to Tokyo. I chose my new username because I thought it was cute and because I'd seen it used for programs like this one. Who doesn't love books and dogs? Aqua was also a favorite, so if I'd named my Wikipedia account after them I'd have probably chosen the song "Lollipop" or "Cartoon Heroes". I'm currently employed by the Wiki Education Foundation under the account User:Shalor (Wiki Ed). I've been associated with other accounts as well, which I'll detail below.

Note: If you send me an e-mail, let me know on my talk page by posting {{You've got mail}}.


Other accountsEdit

I formerly volunteered at the Library of Virginia and made some edits on their behalf via an alternate account, User:Tokyogirl79LVA. See that article's talk page about the various edits I made on their behalf. (I did open the account User:Tokyogirl79LVA2 in error, but that one wasn't be used, and I also opened an account by the name of User:PewterCat for the sake of testing the signup process.)

Also, in order to prevent impersonation I opened an account under my prior username. That will not be used.


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