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Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 1   Approved. Fixing and adding redirects to academic journals from ISO-4 abbreviations (when human-edited and computed abbrevs match). __-Discontinued
Task 2   Approved. Twice a week fixing and adding as above, with reports on unusual stuff and mismatches.     -Active
Task 3   Approved. Fill |abbreviation= parameter in {{infobox journal}} in easy cases.     -Active
Task 4   Approved. Create redirects between 'and' and '&' versions of journal/magazine articles.     -Active
Task 5   Approved. Handle OMICS predatory journals: add redirects and hatnotes. __-Discontinued
Task 6   Approved. Handle other publishers' predatory journals: add redirects and hatnotes.     -Active

Reports on ISO 4 journal title abbreviationsEdit