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You can contact me either publicly on my talk page, or privately by email. Please note that I will consider the contents of any email sent to me through Wikipedia as cc-by-sa, unless explicitly stated otherwise within the email.

About me

I first edited Wikipedia in an anonymous capacity in 2006, and created an account shortly afterwards, choosing the username Tivedshambo. For various reasons I later changed this to Optimist on the run, and later to Voice of Clam. I occasionally edit using my legitimate alternative account, Pek the Penguin.

My edits can be found here and my logs here. I will not consider it stalking or hounding if you wish to look through them. On the contrary - I welcome it. This is a Wiki after all, where we are all accountable for our edits. You will no doubt find some errors I've made, as there are plenty of them, but on the whole I hope you will agree that my contributions have been a net positive.

 This user has made a public declaration indicating that they have a conflict of interest with regard to the following Wikipedia article(s):

I am an unpaid volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales. My edits to this and related articles will, to the best of my ability, be related to technical and historical information that is sourced from reliable and independent sources.