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Voice of Clam

Joined 26 April 2006
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You can contact me either publicly on my talk page, or privately by email. Please note that I will consider the contents of any email sent to me through Wikipedia as cc-by-sa, unless explicitly stated otherwise within the email.

About me

I first edited Wikipedia in an anonymous capacity in 2006, and created an account shortly afterwards, choosing the username Tivedshambo. For various reasons I later changed this to Optimist on the run, and later to Voice of Clam. I occasionally edit using my legitimate alternative account, Pek the Penguin.

My edits can be found here and my logs here. I will not consider it stalking or hounding if you wish to look through them. On the contrary - I welcome it. This is a Wiki after all, where we are all accountable for our edits. You will no doubt find some errors I've made, as there are plenty of them, but on the whole I hope you will agree that my contributions have been a net positive.