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Welcome to Tim Templeton's Wikipedia user page. If you are reading this somewhere else, it's a mirror copy, not the original.

My contributions to Wikipedia include a wide range of subjects that are interesting to me, and hopefully also to others. My #1 Gallup strength is Input, which explains an interest in attaining general knowledge.

My first article, completed back in January 2010, was for my father, the artist Robert Templeton, before I knew that was a COI violation. I have recused myself from editing that article any more, to adhere to site policy.

I sometimes try to root out and remove distracting and excessive intra-Wiki links to common terms, which don't add clarity or insight to the host articles, and actually serve to increase user edit counts, for which purpose you can draw your own conclusions. I was happy to recently learn that this has been made into policy: WP:OVERLINKING.

As a music lover, a wonky yet fun hobby of mine is going through the albums on 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (my copy is from 2014, 6th printing) and fixing the albums' articles for content errors and typos, while adding the notability of appearing in the book to each of the album's lede or recognition sections. As of January 2018, I made it to the last entry, David Bowie's penultimate album, The Next Day, and am randomly going back to see if I missed any. You can see the articles for the albums on the list by visiting the book's [What Links Here] page.

A new unofficial and unsecret mission is to remove competitors' names which are placed in articles for marketing purposes, either in dedicated sections or in "see also" sections, and instead using categories and templates to provide the same value to readers, but in a fairer, more scalable, lower maintenance way.

I'm also becoming more active with Wikipedia:Articles for deletion (AfD). Here are my AfD stats: [[1]]

And I just got notice on 11-5-19 that I hit my 10,000th edit. Yippee - here's the exciting edit! [[2]]

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