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Hi. My name is The Transhumanist, and I'm a wikipediholic.

As a transhumanist...

I love emerging and evolving technologies, and so...

I'm currently immersed in the operations of the Portals WikiProject, where we are busy redesigning the entire portal system, including new interface and display features, and automating the construction and maintenance of portals. This user page was designed using new portal components, among others.

When I'm not distracted by portals, I'm a JavaScript programmer interested in learning the entire JavaScript ecosystem and applying it to writing programs, including user scripts.

My best user script so far, is SearchSuite...

SearchSuite provides further control over Wikipedia search results, such as on/off features to sort them, to present results one-per-line, and more. While it seems to work fairly well, there is definitely room for improvement. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

By the way, most of the scripts I've been working on are for building and augmenting outlines...

As an encyclopedist...

I'm interested in all knowledge, especially how to organize it so you can find whatever is most relevant at any given moment.

I've been around Wikipedia since the Fall of 2005, and have been working mostly on Wikipedia's structure, and its knowledge navigation systems, throughout that time.

Selected articles that I've worked on

Selected emerging technologies and related articles

Selected global issues and related topics

Did you know...

Need help?

Do you have a question about any subject that you can't find the answer to?

Consider asking it at the Wikipedia reference desk.

Selected images that captured my attention

Trump news tracker

21 August 2019 – Denmark–United States relations
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark expresses surprise at U.S. President Donald Trump's abrupt cancellation of his planned visit to her country. Experts on the royal house call the move an act of "disrespect" as illness was not the apparent cause. (TV2)
20 August 2019 – 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis
Nicolás Maduro confirms United States reports that top Venezuelan officials have been having secret meetings with members of the Trump administration. Maduro claims the talks encourage Trump to listen to him; United States sources claim the talks encourage Maduro supporters to defect. (The Guardian)
20 August 2019 – Proposed United States purchase of Greenland
U.S. President Donald Trump cancels his September state visit to Denmark because Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says she has no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland. (BBC)
16 August 2019 – Proposed United States purchase of Greenland
In response to reports that U.S. President Donald Trump expressed interest in the United States acquiring Greenland, Greenland's Foreign Minister Ane Lone Bagger dismisses the idea, noting on Twitter that "a better and more equal partnership with Denmark should be the way forward for a stronger and longer-term free Greenland". (BBC News) (Reuters)
15 August 2019 – Israel–United States relations
Two American Muslim congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, are barred from entering Israel before a planned visit to the country due to their support of the BDS movement, a decision which was encouraged by U.S. President Donald Trump. (CNN)
15 August 2019 – Proposed United States purchase of Greenland
Press sources report that U.S. President Donald Trump repeatedly expressed interest in buying Greenland. (The Wall Street Journal) (AP News)
13 August 2019 – 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests
U.S. President Donald Trump tweets that U.S. intelligence informed him that China is moving troops to the border with Hong Kong. (Bloomberg)
10 August 2019 – North Korea–United States relations
In a letter sent by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to U.S. President Donald Trump, Kim apologizes for the testing of short-range missiles. Trump says he expects to meet Kim soon and see a denuclearized North Korea as "one of the most successful countries in the world". (Clarín)
7 August 2019 – 2019 Argentine general election
Sources from the Brazilian government reveal that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro suggested U.S. President Donald Trump visit Argentina in order to back the re-election of President Mauricio Macri. (La Nación)
6 August 2019 – United States–Venezuela relations, International sanctions during the Venezuelan crisis
U.S. President Donald Trump signs an executive order freezing all assets and interests of the Venezuelan government as contained within the United States, a severe escalation from recent industry sanctions and verbal rhetoric. Twenty-one exceptions are issued, for companies providing services including oil, aid, and telecommunications. The expanded sanctions are widely criticized as likely to worsen the conditions for people in Venezuela. (Reuters) (BBC)
2 August 2019 – List of Donald Trump nominees who have withdrawn
President Trump announces he will not nominate Representative John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence when he resigns on August 15, and plans to block Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon from serving as acting director. (The New York Times) (The New York Times²)
1 August 2019 – China–United States trade war
President of the United States Donald Trump announces in a tweet that the United States will impose import tariffs of 10% on US$300 billion worth of Chinese exports starting September 1. (CNBC)