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"If God held all truth enclosed in his right hand, and in his left hand the one and only ever-striving drive for truth, even with the corollary of erring forever and ever, and if he were to say to me: Choose!-I would humbly fall down to him at his left hand and say: Father, give! Pure truth is indeed only for you alone!" - Lessing (Quoted by S. Kierkegaard in Concluding Unscientific Postscript, p. 106.)
Here's what happens when you argue a reasonable position:
Dougal: It's a joke telephone.
Father Ted: Dougal, this is a dog toy.
Dougal: What? No, it's not, Ted. It's a joke telephone.
Father Ted: Dougal, this is a toy for dogs. It's something people give dogs on their birthday.
Dougal: Seriously, Ted, it's a joke telephone. Look, just give it to someone and tell them it's a phone and they'll try to make a telephone call.
Father Ted: Dougal, who would think this is a telephone? Even a dog knows this isn't a phone.
Dougal: Well, Ted, we'll agree to differ, alright?
Father Ted: No, we won't agree to differ because you're very, very wrong. Look, did the picture on the packet not even give you a clue? Why do you think the dog looks so happy? Because someone has given him a yellow rubber telephone that makes a noise.
Dougal: No, no, he's laughing because someone's trying to make a phone call on the telephone.
Father Ted: Dougal, dogs don't have the same sense of humour as us. They're not as advanced as us.
- Father Ted, "Flight into Terror"

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