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My primary interests are military aviation and naval history, but I also sneak around making insidious edits to any other topic I come across that needs a bit of improvement. Although I have created quite a few pages...and 60 userboxes.

I've had the honor of becoming an Administrator, effective as of February 23, 2011.

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Missile and aircraft families

4 articles
  Weapons System 199
  Bold Orion
  High Virgo
  Alpha Draco
6 articles
  Project Gorgon
  Gorgon IIA
  Gorgon IIB
  Gorgon IIC
  Gorgon IIIA
  Gorgon IIIB
  Gorgon IIIC
  Gorgon IV
  Gorgon V
4 articles
  Piper LBP
  Pratt-Read LBE
  Taylorcraft LBT
5 articles
  Project Kingfisher
  Kingfisher A
  Kingfisher B
  Kingfisher C
  Kingfisher D
  Kingfisher E
  Kingfisher F


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