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Articles that I have created, made significant contributions to, or am just interested in.

  • DC++
  • ViewVC - my first article, though as is my luck, I wasn't logged in at the time. D'Oh!
  • DigiGuide

Looking for ...Edit

I'm currently looking for the following:

  • A page containing guidance on what constitutes a "good" article on software. eg. what topics should it cover? To what depth? etc.
  • Examples of some "good" software articles.

Anyone who can offer information on the above, please let me know on my talk page.


Wikipedia stuff that I am working on.

  • Classification of stub articles as part of the stub sorting project.
  • Cleanup of deadend pages.
  • Patrolling new pages.


I hereby award this Editor's Barnstar to you for your continuous work at Stub types for deletion. Conscious 08:48, 6 March 2006 (UTC)