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Hello, I'm TheGeneralUser, and I have been editing and using Wikipedia for the past 10 years since 2011. Whatever I do here is to help and improve Wikipedia. My main areas of focus and work on Wikipedia are in maintenance and administration.

A Negress
A Negress is an 1884 oil-on-canvas painting by the Polish artist Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz, depicting an unknown model. The subject is portrayed from the waist up and dressed in a white robe, but is part naked, with one breast exposed. The Japanese hand fan and the source of light that illuminates the figure and is reflected by highlights in the gold bijoux, create a warm and chamber-like atmosphere. Painted in Paris, the painting was looted during World War II. It was returned to the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw in 2012.Painting credit: Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz
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What is Page curation?

Wikipedia:Page Curation is a suite of tools developed by Wikimedia Foundation to help experienced editors review new pages on the English Wikipedia. The recommendations and guidelines for new page patrollers described at WP:NPP which should be studied carefully before using these tools.

Page curation provides two main features:

  1. the New Pages Feed, a dynamic list of new pages for review by community patrollers.
  2. the Curation Toolbar, an optional panel on articles that enables editors to review them more effectively.
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  • The standard discretionary sanctions authorized for American Politics were amended by motion to cover post-1992 politics of United States and closely related people, replacing the 1932 cutoff.


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