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Most of the articles below are very short stubs on women artists. This is a little effort to help Wikipedia's gender gap. Wikipedia's notability criteria (WP:ARTIST) says that a person is (likely) notable enough for an article if they are included in several museum collections. So, I went through a museum collection (the Whitney, to start) and looked to see who did not have an article and was also included in other museum collections. I use a basic template to create the stubs (name, DOB, included in x + x collections). If you have suggestions on how to improve the template, let me know on my talk page, or if you are experienced in such matters, just edit the template!

The women artists below were found by searching the following online museum collections:

  • the Whitney Museum of American Art (completed, yielded about 105 eligible for articles),
  • the Museum of Modern Art, New York (in progress), and
  • the National Gallery of Canada, which required parsing the html code that gave the full list of their collection. Their main page only showed a few artists at a time, while all the artists were hidden in the HTML.(Completed, yielded about 150 women artists. By my count there are at least a dozen men for every woman in the National Gallery of Canada collection.)
  • the "MAC", AKA the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, my hometown museum. I parsed the HTML source code for their collections page and deleted the male names to find the women in their collection (in progress).

One thing to note here is that many museums do not provide "flat lists" of their collections. The Whitney did, and it made it very easy to locate notable women artists!

  1. Rhonda Abrams (artist), a Canadian video artist.
  2. Shelagh Alexander, Canadian artist.
  3. Sakkiassee Anaija, Inuit artist.
  4. Sabina Qunqnirq Anaittuq, Inuit artist.
  5. Linda Anderson (artist), an American folk artist.
  6. Avataq Cultural Institute, which I came across when writing articles on Inuit artists!
  7. Cecilia Angmadlok Angutialuk, Inuit artist.
  8. Margaret Uyauperq Aniksak, Inuit artist.
  9. Ernest Eugène Appert, very early French photographer.
  10. The Atlanta hotel, Bangkok. If you stay there too long you will think you are in a 1950s movie.
  11. Kader Attia, French-Algerian artist.
  12. Breda Baban, Serbian artist.
  13. Fia Backström, a Swedish performance artist, photographer and designer.
  14. Monika Baer, German painter.
  15. Bauhaus Museum, Dessau needs no explanation.
  16. Margit Beck, a Hungarian-born painter.
  17. Annie Bendolph, American quilting artist.
  18. Linda Diane Bennett, Gee's Bend quilter!
  19. Sylvia Bernstein (artist), an American painter.
  20. the Bettannier frères, two french lithographers who were brothers.
  21. Mary Beyt is an American painter.
  22. Natalie Bieser, an American artist.
  23. Shannon Bool, Canadian artist.
  24. Naomi Boretz, American artist.
  25. Ginette Bouchard, Québécoise photographer.
  26. Tess Boudreau, Canadian Photographer.
  27. Hélène Bourgault, Québécoise video and film artist.
  28. Sascha Braunig, Canuck painter of hyper-realist optical experience.
  29. Sybil Brintrup, Chilean conceptual artist.
  30. Edita Broglio, Lativan painter who emigrated to Italy in 1910.
  31. Stephanie Brooks (artist), an American conceptual artist who makes interesting directory sculptures.
  32. Melissa Brown (artist) is an American painter and public artist.
  33. Sonia Gordon Brown, an American bronze sculptor.
  34. Alice Standish Buell, a 19-20th C American printmaker.
  35. Audrey Buller, Canadian artist.
  36. Alberto Cairo (physiotherapist). A genuine humanitarian who has been working with Afghan amputees for over thirty years.
  37. Gloria Camiruaga, Chilean video artist.
  38. Elsa Cayo, Peruvian (Or Belgian? Sources differ) filmmaker.
  39. Susan Goethel Campbell, American artist working with environmental issues.
  40. Emma Lee Pettway Campbell, American quilter from Gees Bend.
  41. Suzanne Caporael, another American artist.
  42. Ellen Carey, American photographer.
  43. Carolina Caycedo makes interesting art about rivers.
  44. Monique Charbonneau, Canadian artist.
  45. Cozette de Charmoy, Canadian artist.
  46. Nan Lawson Cheney, Canadian artist.
  47. Talia Chetrit, American photographic artist.
  48. Claudia Comte, Swiss multidisciplinary artist.
  49. Cortis & Sonderegger, a fascinating Swiss artistic duo.
  50. Betty Corwin, American theater archivist.
  51. Marie-Andrée Cossette, Canadian holography artist.
  52. Ann Craven, American painter of birds, the moon and flowers.
  53. Anna Craycroft, American conceptual and intervention artist.
  54. Spencer Crew, America museum director, professor, writer and curator.
  55. Susan Crocker, American photographer.
  56. Mira Dancy, Painter. American.
  57. Mabel Killam Day, Canadian artist.
  58. Manon De Pauw, Canadian multi-disciplinary artist.
  59. Lindsey Decker, American artist.
  60. Huguette Desjardins, Canadian artist.
  61. Martha Diamond, American artist.
  62. Daniella Dooling, American artist.
  63. Anne Macintosh Duff, Canadian watercolourist.
  64. Loretta Dunkelman, American artist.
  65. Jeanne Dunning, American Photographer.
  66. Chantal duPont, Canadian artist.
  67. Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, American painter.
  68. Judith Eglington, Canadian photographer and filmmaker.
  69. Dorothy Meigs Eidlitz, American photography, arts patron and women's advocate.
  70. Sally Elesby, an American whimsical painter.
  71. Elisapee Enuaraq, Inuit artist.
  72. George Epoch, a Jesuit priest and sex abuser.
  73. Panya Clark Espinal, it was time for a page for this Toronto sculptor.
  74. Cecile B. Evans is a pretty darn cool contemporary artist.
  75. Lauren Ewing, American sculptor.
  76. Ana Teresa Fernández, is a Mexican performance artist and painter.
  77. Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, American artist.
  78. Claudia Fährenkemper, German photographer.
  79. Anne Fishbein, American photographer.
  80. Cynthia Gallagher, American artist.
  81. Eliza Gardiner, American artist.
  82. Amy Gartrell, American artist.
  83. Alyne Gauthier-Charlebois, Canadian artist.
  84. Lynn Geesaman, American photographer.
  85. Sandy Gellis, American artist dealing with the environment.
  86. Brenna George, Canadian video artist.
  87. Ava Gerber, American artist.
  88. Cynthia Girard-Renard, Canadian artist.
  89. Amy Granat, American artist.
  90. Pascal Grandmaison, Canadian artist.
  91. Dorothea Greenbaum, American Sculptor.
  92. Mary Grigoriadis, American painter.
  93. Tony Gum, South African photographer whose work you should see.
  94. Freda Guttman, Canadian artist.
  95. Susan Hall (artist), American artist.
  96. Pamela Harris (photographer), American phtographer who moved to Canada.
  97. Dorothy Webster Hawksley, British painter.
  98. Rosella Hartman, American artist.
  99. Deborah Hede, American artist.
  100. Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, a woman of many talents and interests.
  101. Lena Henke
  102. Mary Heisig, American artist.
  103. Christine Hiebert, American artist.
  104. Gloria Hoppins, American quilter.
  105. Jesse Howard, American artist.
  106. Loretta Hines Howard, American painter and créche collector.
  107. Morris Huberland, American photographer.
  108. Susannah Hunnewell, American publisher and writer.
  109. Iola Abraham Ikkidluak, Inuit artist.
  110. Olive Mamak Innakatsik, Inuit artist.
  111. Davidee Itulu, Inuit scrimshaw artist.
  112. Martha Ittuluka'naaq, Inuit printmaker and drawer.
  113. Naomi Ityi, Inuit artist.
  114. Bernadette Ivalooarjuk Saumik, Inuit artist.
  115. Samisa Passauralu Ivilla, Inuit artist.
  116. Michael Jang, an American photographer whose work went unrecognized for 30 years.
  117. Candy Jernigan, American artist.
  118. Ruth Kaplan, Canadian photographer.
  119. Siassie Kenneally, Inuit artist whose drawings are incredible.
  120. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy, American quilter-artist.
  121. Nettie Jane Kennedy, American quilter.
  122. Jane Kent, American artist.
  123. Caitlin Keogh, American painter.
  124. Hannah Kigusiuq, Inuit artist, maker of drawings and prints.
  125. Ethel Kirkpatrick, British artist.
  126. Marianna Knottenbelt, Dutch-Canadian artist.
  127. Valérie Kolakis, Greek artist.
  128. Isabelle Kridluar, Inuit artist.
  129. Myra Kukiiyaut, Inuit artist.
  130. Qaqasiralaq_Kullualik, Inuit artist.
  131. Naoko Kurotsuka, Japanese artist.
  132. Yayoi Kusama Museum, in Tokyo.
  133. Suzanne Lafont, French photographer.
  134. Lois Lane (artist), American painter.
  135. Sylvie Laliberté, Canadian artist.
  136. Ellen Land-Weber.
  137. Myriam Laplante, Canadian artist.
  138. Christine Laptuta, Canadian-born American artist.
  139. Laura Wee Láy Láq, an amazing ceramicist from the Lower Salish Sto:lo nation.
  140. Janine Leroux-Guillaume, Canadian artist.
  141. Katherine Liberovskaya, Canadian video artist.
  142. Elaine Ling, Canadian photographer.
  143. Pia Linz, German artist.
  144. Listening Post (artwork), a data visualization of chatroom conversations.
  145. Joan Logue, American video artist.
  146. Mary Love (artist), reputedly the first Canadian to make a lithograph, in 1830.
  147. Agnes Lyall, American artist.
  148. Joan Lyons, American artist.
  149. Marcia Lee Macdonald, American photographer.
  150. Anissa Mack, an American artist known for state fair work.
  151. Diane MacKown, American artist.
  152. Ann Mandelbaum, American artist and photographer.
  153. Katinka Mann, American artist.
  154. Nancy Manter, American artist.
  155. Lizbeth Marano, American artist.
  156. Donna Marcantonio, American artist. This one needs work: DOB, details.
  157. Helen Marden, who should have had her own page long ago. American artist.
  158. Lynne Marsh, Canadian photographer and video installation artist
  159. Marie-Alexandrine Mathieu, French etcher of the 19th c.
  160. Jill Mathis, American photographer.
  161. Carey Maxon, American artist.
  162. Edith Maybin, Canadian photographer.
  163. Lauren McCarthy, an interesting artist working with digital technology.
  164. Kelly Mclane, American painter.
  165. Judith McMillan, American artist.
  166. Lucy Meeko, Inuit artist.
  167. Deborah Mesa-Pelly, American artist.
  168. Caroline Mesquita, French sculptor.
  169. Olia Mishchenko, Canadian artist and drawer of beautiful things.
  170. Monica Mohan, an American artist.
  171. Lottie Mooney, American quilting artist.
  172. Flora Moore, American quilting artist from Gee's Bend.
  173. Aude Moreau (artist), French artist.
  174. Joan Moss, Canadian-born American photographer.
  175. Karin Apollonia Müller, a German artist.
  176. Judith Murray (artist), an American artist.
  177. Imona Natsiapik, Inuit artist.
  178. Maria Nepomuceno, an amazing Brazilian knitter and installation artist.
  179. Diane Neumaier, American photographer.
  180. Annie Niviaxie, Inuit artist.
  181. Virginia Overton is an American sculptor. I like her stuff.
  182. Ann Parker (photographer), an American photographer.
  183. Joyce Pensato: American painter.
  184. Jenny Perlin, American artist.
  185. Serena Perrone, American printmaker.
  186. Dolly Perutz: The Whitney holds 30 of her works in their collection, and she did not have a WP page!
  187. Arcola Pettway, American quilter form Gee's Bend.
  188. Arlonzia Pettway, another Gee's Bend quilter! Amazing work.
  189. Jessie T. Pettway, American artist/quilter.
  190. Lutisha Pettway, American quilter from Gee's Bend.
  191. Martha Jane Pettway, another amazing quilter/artist from Gee's Bend.
  192. Mensie Lee Pettway, Gee's bend quilter.
  193. Josie Pisuktie, Inuit artist.
  194. Liss Platt, Canadian artist.
  195. Fanny Grace Plimsoll, British painter active in Montreal around 1900.
  196. Diane Poitras, Canadian film and video artist.
  197. Peggy Preheim
  198. Joan Webster Price, American artist.
  199. Price, Birch & Co., American slave trading company.
  200. Mina Pulsifer, American printmaker.
  201. Puppies Puppies, American contemporary artist doing some really weird stuff.
  202. Rosamond W. Purcell, American photographer.
  203. Paniluk Qamanirq, Inuit sculptor.
  204. Mary Qayuaryuk, Inuit artist.
  205. Nathaniel Mary Quinn, American painter.
  206. Simeonie Quppapik, Inuit artist.
  207. Raquel Rabinovich, Argentinian-American artist.
  208. Lucy Raven, American artist.
  209. Sylvie Readman, Canadian photographer.
  210. Joan Redmond, American photographer.
  211. Jeanette Reinhardt, Canadian video artist.
  212. Susan Ressler, American photographer.
  213. Kina Reusch, Canadian artist.
  214. Dominique Rey (artist), Canadian photographer.
  215. Jeanne Reynal, American artist.
  216. Sakiassie Ragee, Inuit artist.
  217. Liisa Roberts, Finnish-American, Paris-born artist.
  218. Abby Robinson, American photographer.
  219. Mia_Westerlund_Roosen, American sculptor.
  220. Alison Rossiter, American artist.
  221. Charlotte Rosshandler, Canadian-American photographer.
  222. Judith Rothschild, an American abstract painter who left her $40 million dollar collection of art to an eponymous foundation to support art. Good on ya Judith.
  223. Francis Ruyter, American artist.
  224. Lissie Saggiak, Inuit artist.
  225. Lucia Autorino Salemme, American artist.
  226. Victoria Sambunaris, American photographer.
  227. Benita Sanders, Canadian printmaker.
  228. Hope Sandrow, American artist.
  229. Francine Savard, Canadian artist.
  230. Lesley Schiff, American laser print artist.
  231. Melanie Schiff, American photographer.
  232. Aurel Schmidt, a Canadian artist whose drawings are incredible.
  233. Sandra Scolnik, American artist.
  234. Gertrude Schweitzer, American artist.
  235. Carole Seborovski, American artist.
  236. Doris Seidler, English artist.
  237. Nancy Kangeryuaq Sevoga, Inuit artist.
  238. Emmer Sewell, American folk artist.
  239. Flora Schofield, American painter.
  240. Lauren E. Simonutti, an American photographer.
  241. Florine Smith, Gee's bend quilter.
  242. Gregory Spaid, American photographer.
  243. Meredyth Sparks, American artist.
  244. Coreen Mary Spellman, American painter and printmaker.
  245. Loredana Sperini, Swiss sculptor and painter.
  246. Barbara Spohr, Canadian photographer.
  247. Barbara Steinman, Canadian artist.
  248. Erika Stone, German-American photographer.
  249. Sylvia Stone, a Canadian artist whose work is held in the Whitney collection.
  250. Maya Stovall, American radical ballerina.
  251. Jude Tallichet, American sculptor.
  252. Sabina Teichman, American painter.
  253. Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation‎, in my IP life just prior to opening this account.
  254. Bernadette Iguptark Tongelik, Inuit artist.
  255. Clarissa Tossin, Brazilian artist.
  256. Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik, Inuit artist.
  257. Susan Turcot, Canadian artist.
  258. Ewa Turska, Polish-Canadian artist.
  259. Anne Turyn, American photographer.
  260. Marjorie Siksi'naaq Tutannuaq, Inuit artist. Last one added from NGC collection.
  261. Harriet C. Tytler, 19th C British photographer found in the National Gallery of Canada collection.
  262. Laurence Vallières, Canadian maker of giant carboard sculptures.
  263. Dorothy Varian, American painter.
  264. Liena Vayzman, American curator, art historian and photographer.
  265. Adriene K. Veninger, Canadian artist.
  266. Siebren Versteeg, a really interesting digital artist.
  267. Julia Wachtel, American painter.
  268. Sandy Walker, American artist.
  269. Chih-Chien Wang (artist), Taiwanese-Canadian photographer.
  270. Liz Ward (artist), American.
  271. Esther Warkov (artist), Canadian.
  272. Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky, a Canadian sculpture duo!
  273. Geraldine Westbrook, American artist and quilter from Gee's Bend.
  274. Catherine Widgery. How is it possible that this American public artist and sculptor, who has done 53 public art projects across North America, didn't have a page?
  275. Vera White (artist), an American artist, collector and philanthropist.
  276. Nell Hall Williams, quilter from Gee's Bend.
  277. Patty Ann Williams, quilter from Gee's Bend.
  278. Colleen Wolstenholme, Canadian artist and maker of giant pills.
  279. Agustina Woodgate, an interesting new Argentinian multi-disciplinary artist.
  280. Ida Wyman, New York photographer.
  281. Lynne Yamamoto, American artist.
  282. Myriam Yates, Canadian photographer, video and installation artist.
  283. Annie Mae Young, another amazing quilter from Gees Bend.
  284. Deborah Pettway Young, Gee's Bend quilter.
  285. Michele Zalopany, American artist.


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