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You know you're doing something right if your userpage (or your talk page) gets vandalized.

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Welcome to my user page! For starters, there is no reason to even bother looking at this page in IE; if you wish to view it properly, you need Firefox. Now then, for the real stuff... There are better things you can do than reading my page, like clicking this link and making the article thats shows up better. Or you can vote for some featured article candidates. Or you could revert some vandalism (note: if you think this is a encyclopedic article, it's not). In fact, there are probably an endless list of things you can do than scrolling down my user page (unless you own an oversized monitor, in which case you can view everything at once).

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I am, recognizably and obviously, teh Tennisman, a name which came from nowhere, really. I am a Michiganian who enjoys English, science, and writing. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis (surprising, I know) as well as wasting away the hours on the computer. I also enjoy reading, music, and watching TV (but not necessarily in that order). On Wikipedia, I vote in Requests for Adminship, am a Recent Change Patroller, edit vandalism, speedy tag pages while on NP Patrol as well as being a general WikiGnome and a sometime-page writer.


This a collection of the flags of the countries/States I have visited or lived in.
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I award you the Excellent User Page Award for your hard work in creating such a tidy and functional user page. Regards, Anthonycfc [TC] 17:48 16 Oct 2006 (UTC)
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Though what you did is not so random, I, on behalf of E@L, award you this barnstar for your support. Randfan 18:49, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

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