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DescriptionAdds archive links to discussions, allowing one-click archiving of individual sections
Author(s)Equazcion (original)
Technical 13 (updates)
UpdatedMarch 13, 2020
    (19 days ago)
Browser supportFirefox, Chrome, Opera
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OneClickArchiver allows you to instantly archive a single discussion with a click, via an "archive" link that displays for each section on discussion pages.

Noticeboards and other high-traffic discussion pages, normally archived automatically by bots, have gotten long and less manageable recently due to bot instability. OneClickArchiver was created to better enable experienced editors to clear out old discussions themselves, without having to rely on bots. Any discussion page can be set up to use OneClickArchiver.

Use of this tool does not obviate your responsibility to understand when archiving a thread is appropriate. In particular:
  • Public noticeboards should only be archived by experienced editors. Respect a public page's posted archiving policy; if you are unsure, ask.
  • It is rarely appropriate to archive threads in another user's talk page
edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for OneClickArchiver:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Recently completed requests:
    • Add an optional confirmation step.
      • Added a user.option that allows the script to be toggled on or off instead. Achieves the same goal as the request in a better fashion.

Archive pageEdit

This script uses a page's MiszaBot configuration (see User:MiszaBot/config) to determine the archive page. You can enable OneClickArchiver support on a page without a MiszaBot configuration (such as your own user talk page) by using {{Archive basics}} and including its two required parameters. Clicking the archive link on pages without a MiszaBot configuration or {{Archive basics}} (with both required parameters) will not successfully perform an archive.

Further technical notesEdit

  • Activates only on pages that are not in Category:Pages that should not be manually archived and...
  • The script will prepend {{Clear}} to the top of each section on the archive page to prevent bleed from one section to another.
  • The script now respects {{subst:Do not archive until}} and will refuse to allow semi-automated archiving of those sections.
    • The script will remove the HTML comment when archiving sections that are past the DNAU date.
  • The script now will look for ClueBot III's |headerlevel= and will add archive links on that page only for the headerlevel.
  • The script now checks to make sure that the destination archive is a direct subpage. If it is not, it will tell you what it found and what it expected to find so that you can quickly edit the archiving template to correct the problem.
  • The script now has the ability to toggle the links off with a link in the toolbar or with the Alt+⇧ Shift+O access key.
    • OneClickArchiver now uses user.options to remember if the links should be shown or not by default.
  • Its speed depends largely on the size of the archive and origin pages. Most pages archive quickly, but noticeboards that tend to get very long, like WP:ANI, can show a significant delay (in the neighborhood of 10-30 seconds, depending on how fast the servers are responding that day). The script code itself executes instantly, but the API's response time for page edits can cause delays.


To use this script: Copy the line below, then [[click here]], paste the line, and hit Save page.

  • {{subst:Iusc|User:Technical_13/Scripts/OneClickArchiver.js|User:Technical_13/Scripts/OneClickArchiver}}
  • Report any issues on the talk page.