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Cisgender-female Māori living in New Zealand. Intermittently editing.

Work 2018Edit

I am a doctoral candidate studying mass extinction. My edits in 2018 (and until the dissertation is complete) often reflect this interest. Following work conducted in geochronology, I have deleted a redirect to develop an article, Lopingian, and created my first new articles: Greenlandian, and Meghalayan. I thank the geo-Wiki community for its patience while I relearn skills I have not regularly applied in many years.

I nominated East Timor to be moved. I am an expert in neither move requests nor Timor-Leste. This is a very interesting process.

Some Notes on CitationEdit

I am a published academic and have edited other academics' work for publication. I have a tendency towards the predominant academic citation style: APA. Until recently, I manually referenced in Wikipedia, but am attempting to adjust to the refToolbar to help Wikipedia (1) collect citations across the site into a single database; and (2) standardise the format. In addition to English Wikipedia, I have edited at Māori Wiktionary and Māori Wikipedia.

Some Useful LinksEdit