Hi and welcome to my page!

I am a resident of Guangzhou, China, originally from Moscow, Russia. I mostly contribute biographic articles. As a former Humanities student, I am interested in cross-cultural history events and people, Asian history ("what Genghis Khan brought together") and Buddhism, occasionally contributing bits into articles related to languages, writing systems, Leo Tolstoy, and things Russian.

My articles in English started in July 2008, with biographies of James Mavor (Canada-Russia) and Gombojab Tsybikov (Russia-Mongolia-Tibet). I had a feeling they were missing and initializing them might be useful for Wikipedia.

I am a rare contributor, only occasionally visiting the English wikipedia edition. My current activity is on English Wikisource. Recent Wikipedia articles I started were mostly meant to extend Wikisource author information.

All publications started on en.wikiEdit

In my Russian userspace I used to keep the full list of publications I started in Russian, English, and some other language editions of Wikipedia, as well as Wikisource and Wikiquote.