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Search for references on WRS

WRS is a search engine that only returns results from websites that some Wikipedia editors have identified as generally "reliable". Examples include or for example. As with any search engine, editors must still exercise their own judgment to ensure any specific reference meets the reliability requirements for the intended use. So next time you want to work on an article, you can easily study reliable sources and possibly identify ways to improve the article text based on your search!

WRS can make a reference search very efficient, but it is not a substitute for critical analysis. We are working hard to make sure WRS shows only reliable pages, but search results always contain some irrelevant or unreliable pages. Please identify within the results which page is the best reference for your fact. Always ask yourself whether the web page you found is indeed a valid reference before inserting it into Wikipedia.

What is considered "reliable"?Edit

Here is the list:

The last few rows are labeled as "_cse_exclude", they are the URL patterns that get excluded from the search.

You are encouraged to refine the list by adding and removing websites. A difficult task is to distinguish between various sub-domains and sections of a website (for instance between news and forum). To add/remove/modify entries, follow the instructions at