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New articles and major rewritesEdit

Significant contributions to...Edit

Made a difference to...Edit

Some of these include the addition of just a paragraph to e.g. a stub.

Along with minor copy-edits, stub-sorts etc. to various things.


I've uploaded a few rather dull, technical images. I release all my own images under the GFDL because the choices of everything else are too bewildering. If you'd like a technical image made, I can probably make it given a little time:

What I want to doEdit

Write these articles properly (in no particular order):

Work out whether frequency spectrum is really talking about the discrete Fourier transform and if some arrangement can be reached between those two and spectral density.

Get involved in some non-technical articles. I think I might be able to do some useful copy-editing of articles related to British politics and political systems.


Nice things nice people gave to me:

Interwiki accountsEdit

For interwiki purposes, I am also meta:User:Splash, commons:User:Splash, wikibooks:User:Splash, wikiquote:User:Splash, wikisource:User:Splash, wiktionary:User:Splash, wikitravel:User:Splash (not a Wikimedia or a GFDL project), Openfacts:User:Splash and IRC user splash_wp. The Wikimedia projects apart from Meta and Commons are principally for transwiki purposes. On Wikia I am User:Splash-enwiki, and all the accounts listed at that central user page are me.