The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.

  – Milton Friedman.

Hi, I'm a young dude from Baku, who's mostly interested in history, philosophy, politics, economics, and yeah, video games. I currently study econ, and in here, mostly work on stuff related to military history, though you can find me in all sorts of places. I created this account in 2014, but been contributing since January of 2017. Most of my wiki-work is concentrated in Azerbaijani Wikipedia, where I'm a sysop. Feel free to refer to me with he/him.


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  1. AzeCON
  2. Battle of Goychay  
  3. National Committee of Azerbaijan
  4. Republic (peak)
  5. 2018 Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes
  6. Rashad Ismayilov
  7. Mausoleums of Aghbil
  8. Suleyman Rahimov
  9. Azerbaijani Sign Language
  10. Azerbaijani Special Corps
  11. Döğer
  12. Vera Tsignadze
  13. Baku Choreography Academy
  14. Oleg Amirbayov
  15. Athletes Village, Baku
  16. Chingiz Farzaliyev
  17. 1st Infantry Division (Azerbaijan, 1918)
  18. Khudu Mammadov
  19. 2020 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes
  20. Dzari Tragedy
  21. Azerbaijanis who went missing during the Nagorno-Karabakh War
  22. Akbar Aghayev (lieutenant)
  23. Tofig Yagublu
  24. Talaat Khanlarov
  25. Stepanakert pogrom
  26. Reactions to the 2020 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes
  27. Incidents during the 2020 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes
  28. Hikmat Hasanov
  29. Hikmat Mirzayev
  30. Zaur Rzayev
  31. 2020 Ganja ballistic missile attacks
  32. Battle of Hadrut
  33. Tiran Khachatryan
  34. Aras Valley campaign
  35. Lankaran Uprisings
  36. Lachin offensive
  37. Kalakhana tombs
  38. Yashar Hasanov
  39. 2020 Vienna attack
  40. Battle of Shusha (2020)
  41. 2020 Russian Mil Mi-24 shootdown
  42. Sergei Stvolov
  43. Arif Pasha
  44. Rustam Muradov
  45. David Matevosyan
  46. Fariz Najafov
  47. 2020 Western Saharan clashes
  48. Samir Safarov
  49. Gorkhmaz Eyvazov
  50. Ilgar Mirzayev
  51. Brave Warrior Medal
  52. For Distinction in Battle Medal
  53. For Services in the Rear in the Patriotic War Medal
  54. For the Liberation of Aghdam Medal
  55. For the Liberation of Fuzuli Medal
  56. For the Liberation of Gubadly Medal
  57. For the Liberation of Jabrayil Medal
  58. For the Liberation of Kalbajar Medal
  59. For the Liberation of Khojavend Medal
  60. For the Liberation of Lachin Medal
  61. For the Liberation of Shusha Medal
  62. For the Liberation of Sugovushan Medal
  63. For the Liberation of Zangilan Medal
  64. Hero of the Patriotic War Medal
  65. Karabakh Order
  66. Participant of the Patriotic War Medal
  67. Zafar Order
  68. Victory Day (Azerbaijan)
  69. Memorial Day (Azerbaijan)
  70. Khojaly Genocide Day
  71. 4th Mechanised Infantry Brigade (Turkey)
  72. Aghamir Sultanov
  73. Namig Islamzadeh
  74. Derbent Jamaat
  75. Hero of the Patriotic War
  76. Baku Victory Parade of 2020
  77. Bombardment of Tartar
  78. Ilham Mehdiyev
  79. Zaur Mammadov
  80. Kanan Seyidov
  81. Zaur Nudiraliyev
  82. Adil Ismayilov
  83. Ali Beg (Aq Qoyunlu)
  84. Gulchohra Mammadova
  85. Karim Valiyev
  86. Ilyas bey Aghalarov
  87. Rafig Huseynov (announcer)
  88. Yasamal cemetery
  89. Kamil Khanlarov
  90. Hamlet Gurbanov
  91. Argishti Kyaramyan
  92. Zaur Guliyev
  93. Rovshan Mammadov
  94. Anar Aliyev
  95. Karam Mustafayev
  96. Ramiz Gasimov
  97. July 2020 Azerbaijani protests
  98. 811th Lachin Alpine Rifle Regiment
  99. Jahangir bey Kazimbeyli
  100. Wind Unit
  101. Ganja Men's Gymnasium
  102. Azerbaijani Red Army
  103. Fuzuli International Airport
  104. Tarlan Aliyarbayov
  105. Imarat cemetery
  106. Erkin Gadirli
  107. House of Khurshidbanu Natavan
  108. Gunduz Safarli
  109. Peacekeeping operations in Nagorno-Karabakh
  110. Bust of Khurshidbanu Natavan
  111. Saleh Mammadov
  112. Saleh Kamrani
  113. Dimitri Khundadze
  114. 2021 TAF AS532 crash
  115. Old Man of the Mountain (Assassin)
  116. Dmitry Utkin
  117. Nebojša Milovanović
  118. Ukki Väinämöinen
  119. Tran Van Soai
  120. Lam Thanh Nguyen
  121. Nguyen Giac Ngo
  122. Oleksandr Zelensky
  123. Franz Joseph von Bülow
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  1. {{Azerbaijan Democratic Republic}}
  2. {{Sidebar person/Azerbaijani President}}
  3. {{Ilham Aliyev series}}
  4. {{Anti-Azerbaijanism}}
  5. {{Hòa Hảo}}


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