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For exemplary conduct in this MfD debate, and the ability to change his mind. Paradoctor (talk) 15:11, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

I edit on subjects outside my expertise. This seems to have led me into wikipedia project issues, and XfD & DRV. I try watch discussions and return to answer questions directed back at me. If I don't answer, it could be that (a) I don't think your question/counter point requires a response; or (b) I'm still thinking; or (c) I've been distracted elsewhere. If I don't answer, and you'd like an answer, then please poke me. Also note that I have previously been found to have posted something into the wrong page, or otherwise posted something without my brain fully engaged. Please tell me when this happens.

  • Do feel free to correct my spelling mistakes, or move my posts where I accidently edited the wrong page (eg).
  • With experience, have I turned from an inclusionist to a deletionist, or is it that as the project has matured, nominations are better considered? 14:43, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

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As a rule, I strongly support Wikipedia:Editors matter. Newcomers, especially, should be treated gently. However, not all new accounts are newcomers. I have yet to meet a genuine newcomer who has started out contributing in project space or by creating user subpages. Care must also be taken due to superficial newcomer appearance of trolls and kooks. Are there teams of editors or administrators out to get you, censoring perhaps. Consider whether you may be displaying some features causing others to think you are either a troll or a kook.

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If you are interested in using the wiki technology for a collaborative effort on something else, even if it is just a single page, there are many sites that provide wiki hosting (free or for money). You can also install wiki software on your server. See the Wiki Science wikibook for information on doing this. Scratchpad Wiki Labs also allows personal wikis.

To reduce the bitiness of deletion, all deletions of pages created in good faith should be logged with a link to Wikipedia:Alternative outlets.

Lists and categories are synergistic — the benefits of their redundancy are covered in WP:CLS = Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates.

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