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Hello. My name is Dylan, also known as Slgrandson on select MediaWiki sites, and by my initials at IMDb and elsewhere. I am 26 years of age, and now live in Waterbury, Connecticut. I used to live near my home suburb of Stock Farm located in Roseau, the Commonwealth of Dominica, with my two sisters, a granny and a great-grandma, as well as my daddy, and edited for almost three months in the Bronx of New York City.

I am named after my family relation, a contraction of the phrase "Sylvie Lewis' grandson" (the first two letters are her initials). I am among only a handful of Wikipedia members to come out of Dominica, out of a few dozen more from the Caribbean region.

Though I've taken to articles on obscure topics when I can, I'm not quite here often anymore. As you can see from the infobox I've just added, I've gotten into the PD reprint business lately. Which partly explains my recent ongoing lack of activity on WP...and the way my edit total has flourished on Wikisource.

At this writing, three books of poetry await the Amazon kiosks: one by William Wordsworth, another by Edmund Clarence Stedman, and the third (The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun) by Gadsby author Ernest Vincent Wright.

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Les Troyens is a grand opera in five acts by Hector Berlioz with a French-language libretto written by the composer himself based on Virgil's Aeneid. The score was composed between 1856 and 1858, but Berlioz did not live long enough to see the work performed in its entirety. However, the last three acts, substantially abridged, were performed during his lifetime under the title Les Troyens à Carthage by Léon Carvalho's company, the Théâtre Lyrique, in Paris in 1863. For this performance, Berlioz added an orchestral introduction and a prologue. He was not happy with the result, noting bitterly that he had agreed to let Carvalho do it "despite the manifest impossibility of his doing it properly. He had just obtained an annual subsidy of a hundred thousand francs from the government. Nonetheless the enterprise was beyond him. His theater was not large enough, his singers were not good enough, his chorus and orchestra were small and weak." This is the cover of the piano–vocal score of Les Troyens, published in 1863 by Choudens, with a lithographic illustration by Antoine Barbizet.

Lithograph credit: Antoine Barbizet; restored by Adam Cuerden

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First edit February 23, 2005
(3:19 p.m. AST)
Contributions 10,000[nb 1]
Unique pages edited 6,135
Average edits/page 1.86
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Milestone edit: 139th support on WP:Requests for adminship/VernoWhitney (November 10, 2010)

  1. ^ From X!'s tool; tabulating the statistics below, this is actually nine edits short of the milestone. The number is based on the "Live edits" displayed on the page.