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Simon Bazley, born Devonshire, August 1975. 6'3" High, 12.5 Stones in weight.

Simon Bazley was a Councillor representing The Wooburns on Wycombe District Council and sat on the Development Control Committee and the Improvement and Review Commission (aka the Overview and Scrutiny Committee).

Simon is currently working as a Software Engineer, for LexisNexis(Risk) Ltd

Simon lives in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and used to live in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.


Attended The Oratory School, Woodcote, Reading, Oxon. Attained A-Levels grade A, C and C in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Graduated from the University of York in 1997 with a BEng (hons) in Electronics Engineering. Decided to give up Electronics in favour of Software Engineering in C and C++, but ended up falling into server side PHP and sysadmin work.

Professional HistoryEdit

Employed by Advanced Management Solutions (AMS), Henley-on-Thames in September 1997 as a Software Engineer. Sent to work in our head office, Yucaipa, California in January 1998, spent 4 months living there (with a week back in the UK on Holiday). Returned for our UK office move to Reading, Berkshire, Then sent back to live in our new head offices, in Riverside, CA for 3 months in March 1999. AMS had 2 main software products, a project managing tool and a resource managing tool. Both applications had a client and server part and were written in C, using a set of in-house written libraries called classic (classes in C) which provided us with an Objective C like programming structure, allowing us to write object oriented code in C. All applications (with the help of some specific bits built into classic) could compile under Windows (16 and 32 bit), Mac or Unix (SunOS, Solaris, HPUX, Linux and others).

Left AMS at the end of 1999, to form Veritas Fox Limited with friends. Wrote a modular financial illustration package to replace an inferior piece of software used by a large financial company. Said company were not prepared to buy the software (even though it was cheaper and better than their existing solution) because we were not a 'preferred supplier'.

Spent most of 2000 doing sporadic contract work writing software in VB, VBA, C and C++ for various third party software libraries including the Standard Function Library (SFL), Borland VCL and MS Excel.

Founded O-Reading in mid 2000 with friends, to produce a dynamic online magazine aiming at young people in Reading. O-Reading Limited obtained venture capital in December 2000, and setup offices and took on employees early in January 2001. Was responsible for purchasing and setting up all technological office equipment. Role was increased (after the company fell out with one of its partners in February 2000) to included writing our online services in ASP (vbscript), and laterly, after a change in server operating system, in PHP. In June of 2001, with an increasingly nervous IT industry and after a number of sales blunders, our venture capitalists pulled out and the company was forced to fold, almost exactly 1 year after it was formed.

Started working for Internet Intelligence in Summer 2001, maintaining and developing the server infrastructure, writing web server applications in PHP, and developing web sites. Additionally took on the role of operations director, from Tom Cook in summer 2002. I returned that role to Tom in summer 2004.

In spring 2004, Loyaltynet Limited was founded by Phil Thomson, Tom Cook and myself. Role was to write the Loyaltynet Engine. I wrote and released Version 1.0 by March 2004. Version 2.0 was released by September 2004. Version 2.5 was released in September 2005. Version 2.6 was released in February 2006.

Political HistoryEdit

Joined the Conservative Students at York briefly in 1994.

Joined the Reading East Conservative Association in March 2003, and worked on the winning election campaign of Rob Wilson, for the post of councillor for the Caversham ward of Reading Borough Council (RBC) (in 2003).

In 2004, stood for election to the safe Lib Dem RBC Ward of Peppard with Mark Ralph, and John Oliver. Much to our supprise and delight, we overthrew one Lib Dem candidate and greatly reduced the majority of the other Lib Dem councillors. Mark Ralph was (as he well deserved) duly elected. As a member of the Reading East Association Executive, was party to the selection process that saw the first ever 'Primary' style election of a Conservative candidate. Rob Wilson and two highly capable women were chosen to be offered up for selection as the perspective parliamentary Conservative candidate for Reading East, by the electorate. They chose Rob Wilson. Rob Wilson went on to take the seat from Labour (in the second biggest swing to the conservatives) in the 2005 general election.

In the general election of 2005 assisted in the election campaigns of Rob Wilson in Reading East and Richard Willis (former Chairman of Reading East Conservatives) in Sutton and Cheam. Rob Wilson (with assistance from infighting within the Reading Labour Party) overturned a substancial Labour majority to become MP for Reading East. Richard Willis reduced a substancial Lib Dem majority from 4500 to 2500. It is hoped he will be selected to fight in Sutton and Cheam again at the next general election.

After the 2005 general election was asked to stand in the Wycombe District Council by-election for his local ward, The Wooburns (the Independent Councillor, John Dalton had died just before the general election). Was duly elected to Wycombe District Council on June 30th 2005.

On election to Wycombe District Council, was proud to be made a member of the Development Control Committee (responsible for planning applications).

In 2011, Simon decided 7 years as a councillor was enough, and decided to give up the safe seat of The Wooburns to someone more keen. So convinced his fellow Wooburns Councillor, Mike Appleyard, to similarly give up the Wooburns and instead fight the next election, in the neighbouring seat of Bourne End, which was at the time a safe Lib Dem seat. The result of which was to elect Mike as the Conservative candidate for Bourne End, and to re-elect Brian Pollock (who inspite being a nice chap, is sadly a Lib Dem).

Following that loss Simon was elected Chairman of The Wooburns ward (a subset of the Beaconsfield Conservative Association), a post he held until he moved to Reading at the end of 2013.

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