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(Lead paragraph should go here, it should give the title, year of release, and a general outline of the article without going into too much detail.)


(This can be a basic synopsis of the film or just a listing of the general premise of the movie.)



(This covers the movie's production, from when it was first thought up to the cast announcement and the last filming. This could also cover marketing content - the section title can be altered to "Production and marketing" to encompass this. Depending on the amount of coverage out there, some movies may not have coverage about this so don't worry if you can't find anything to put here.)

Release informationEdit

(This section will cover when the movie was first released to theaters - if applicable- and when it received a home video release on VHS, DVD, and so on.)


(This covers how the film was received by critics and scholars. If there are a lot of sources that discuss the film's themes, feel free to create a section that covers the movie's themes - make sure that this is all sourced, though.)


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