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(Introduction goes here - this should give the name of the book, its author, publisher, and date of publication. It should also give a general, brief overview of the article's content. Also of note is that if this is meant to be about a series, there's a different infobox that can be used, Template:Infobox book series.)


(This gives a general synopsis of the book or a basic description of the premise.)

Main charactersEdit

(This will list the main characters - minor characters should be left out unless they are very important to the plot.)


(This gives the background of the book and its development, from its inspiration to the final drafts.)


(This section can be optional - this is something that greatly depends on whether or not there is coverage discussing the themes.)

Release informationEdit

(This will cover the release information in more depth, such as where it's been released, by who, and in what formats. WorldCat can be a good source for this type of information.)


(This will cover critical reception as well as general discussion that wouldn't fit into the other sections. Awards can also be listed here.)


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