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About Serge

Hello, I'm Serge, and I'm an Admin here on the English Wikipedia. Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page if there's anything you'd like to discuss with me.

  • On the Admin side, I'd be happy to at least hear you out with your various questions/issues/requests. If I can help you, I will, and even if I can't, I may be able direct you to a person or place that can. Just keep in mind that if it's regarding a conflict you're involved in, there could be the possibility that you may be at fault as well. Wikipedia is a great place, but there can be a bit of a high learning curve - it may take some time to understand everything. I'm happy to help if you're happy to listen.
  • On the content side of things, I'd be happy to help as well. My main interests are areas of video games and rock music, usually from the 1990's to the present. I especially enjoy ones that clearly meet Wikipedia's standard of notability, but tend to fly under the typical mainstream radar. The type of stuff that likely wouldn't be created or improved were it not for my interest. But that being said, I also enjoy creating and maintaining important/popular articles interests as well, and even maintain some articles just to help others out.

Anyways, if I haven't lost your interest yet, below is some more information about my editing:

Current activities

No specific focus outside of one of the years highest profile rock albums of the year/decade. And I’m glad I have, as I believe this is the first article I’ve primarily written that has ever cracked 100,000 views in a day. Sergecross73 msg me 23:09, 28 August 2019 (UTC)


I began reading Wikipedia in the mid-2000's, but didn't really edit at all until making an account in 2008. The thing that actually got me to make an account was actually due to stumbling upon the concept of Wikipedia's "watchlist" feature. I signed up mainly to create one - I thought it would be a nice way to find out breaking news on subjects I liked - like if a video game or album had a newly announced release date. However, upon following it for very long, I noticed how much incorrectly added information was added, and began my editing as an effort to fix things (like fake release dates).

My interest in editing Wikipedia increased once I became more familiar with it, and realized just how influential it is. I noticed that the article's I was maintaining were almost always the first hit on search engines like Google, and were often mirrored to other websites across the internet as well. Knowing how readily available this information was, motivated me to become more involved - rewriting entire articles, creating articles, participating in article deletion discussions, etc.

At the end of 2012, I became an Admin as well. I enjoy being able to provide that extra help to people to enforce the websites rules, but I still focus on article writing/maintaining articles more so. I tend to help people more who come to me, rather than spending too much time at the the Administrator's help board, which can get a bit overwhelming after too long (though I still help out there if something comes up that I'm knowledgeable about too.)

I tend to gravitate towards subjects that meet Wikipedia's requirements for having an article, but don't have much attention directed towards them. Like (Earthworm Jim (PSP), an article that sat as a redirect for years until I turned it into a full-fledged article.) I prefer working on subjects like that - where I feel that they wouldn't exist, or wouldn't exist in a very good shape, without my efforts. This eventually lead me into being pretty active into creating song articles too, as it seems that even with some of the most popular music acts, many song articles remain very under-developed or nonexistent altogether.

And if you're still reading this, below is a list of articles I've created or significantly rewritten. Sergecross73 msg me 14:52, 28 September 2018 (UTC)

Articles created (246)

X Video game Music Other/list based
1 Earthworm Jim (PSP) The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge Blizzard Man
2 Radiant Historia Storm Corrosion Off TV Play
3 Sister Sonic Black Sunshine (band) Shulk
4 Sonic Extreme Letting Go EP Lin Lee
5 Bubsy 1 Sunday (Lo-Pro song) Sega Forever
6 Bubsy 2 Alive (Lo-Pro song) List of A Perfect Circle songs
7 Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales Chokt Nothing More discography
8 Road Rash 64 The Sun Comes Out Tonight 2018 in rock music
9 Breakthru! (video game) Device (band) 2017 in rock music
10 Unchained Blades Time to Break the Spell 2016 in rock music
11 Terror of the Stratus Human (Projected album) 2015 in rock music
12 Earthworm Jim 4 Bittersweet (Lo-Pro/Lop9 album) List of years in rock music
13 Earthworm Jim HD Disintegration Effect 2014 in rock music
14 Ragnarok Tactics Blackfield IV Lucina (Fire Emblem)
15 Sol Trigger Asymmetry (Karnivool album) Greta Van Fleet discography
16 Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave‎ 3 Libras List of cancelled PlayStation Vita games
17 Tales of the World: Tactics Union What Do You Say (Filter song) 2019 in rock music
18 Micro Machines V4 By and Down 2013 in rock music
19 Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection Bones (Young Guns song) 2012 in rock music
20 Tales of the World: Dice Adventure White Noise Owl
21 Sonic Jump Until We Meet Again (album)
22 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc The Theory of Everything (Life On Planet 9 album)
23 Road Rash 3D Pete Murray (American musician)
24 Xeno (series) Hand. Cannot. Erase.
25 Final Fantasy: All the Bravest The Energy
26 Mario Golf: World Tour Looking Down
27 Mystic Chronicles Dopamine (Third Eye Blind album)
28 Sonic Dash Symphony of Decay
29 Summon Night 5 Decade (The Veer Union album)
30 Ristar (Game Gear) Failure Anthem
31 Mind Zero First World Problems (album)
32 Sonic Lost World   Crazy Eyes (Filter album)
33 Exstetra The Fall of Hearts
34 Table Top Racing Echoes (Young Guns album)
35 Super Mario 3D World We Are Drugs
36 Xenoblade Chronicles X Cop Vs. Phone Girl
37 VS. Racing 2 Let Me Give the World to You
38 Soul Saga: Episode 1 Blackfield V
39 PlayStation All-Stars Island Mirrors (EP)
40 Trails in the Sky Second Chapter Weight of the World (Young Guns song)
41 Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable Ursa Minor (album)
42 Conception 2 Kocytean
43 Persona Q Higher (Life On Planet 9 album)
44 Granblue Fantasy Blue (A Perfect Circle song)
45 Bravely Second Help (Papa Roach song)
46 Hyrule Warriors Nimble Bastard
47 Earthlock: Festival of Magic Let You Down (Seether song)
48 Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Song on Fire
49 Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. New Land (song)
50 Forbidden Magna Never Again (Breaking Benjamin song)
51 Chaos Rings 3 Messed Up World
52 The Legend of Legacy Monster (Starset song)
53 Super Mario Spikers Hurricane (Thrice song)
54 Terra Battle Song 3
55 Danganronpa: Unlimited Battle   Take Me Down (The Pretty Reckless song)
56 Cry On Take Me (Korn song)
57 Trails in the Sky (series) The Promise (Chris Cornell song)
58 Fire Emblem Fates   My Demons (song)
59 Tokyo Xanadu Carnivore (Starset song)
60 Summon Night 3 Run (Foo Fighters song)
61 Luminous Arc Infinity Saint Cecilia (song)
62 Final Fantasy VII Remake American Dreams (song)
63 Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey Show Yourself
64 I Am Setsuna Peaches (In the Valley Below song)
65 Ray Gigant Concrete and Gold
66 God Wars: Beyond Time Serein (song)
67 Trillion: God of Destruction Old Heart Falls
68 Root Letter Ignite My Insanity
69 Exist Archive Less Than (song)
70 Road Redemption Satellite (Starset song)
71 Akiba's Trip Betray and Degrade
72 Summon Night 6 Halo (Starset song)
73 Chronos Materia Highway Tune
74 Alternative Saga (How to Live) As Ghosts
75 Super Mario Run The Line (Foo Fighters song)
76 Sonic Forces   Novacaine (10 Years song)
77 List of Nintendo Switch games Steambreather
78 Phantom of the Kill Little One (Highly Suspect song)
79 Final Fantasy XV VR Experience Black is the Soul
80 Dark Rose Valkyrie Back to the River (song)
81 Mario Sports Superstars Rose Red (song)
82 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 The Doomed
83 Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers Rx (Medicate)
84 Disc Jam Goodbye (Army of Anyone song)
85 ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Father Figure (Army of Anyone song)
86 Trails of Cold Steel 2 From the Fires
87 Trails of Cold Steel 3 Fade (Staind song)
88 Exile Election Disillusioned
89 Lost Sphear Don't Stop (Nothing More song)
90 Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Do You Really Want It?
91 Legrand Legacy Here's to the Heartache
92 Shining Resonance Refrain Safari Song
93 Soccer Slammers Red Cold River
94 Team Sonic Racing Waking Lions
95 Meadow (song)
96 Ember (album)
97 Born for Greatness
98 Eat the Elephant
99 TalkTalk (A Perfect Circle song)
100 Attention Attention
101 Devil (Shinedown song)
102 Bulletproof (Godsmack song)
103 Vide Noir
104 When Legends Rise
105 All I See is War
106 So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish (A Perfect Circle song)
107 Rats (song)
108 Solara (song)
109 The Contrarian
110 Just Say When
111 Thanks for Everything
112 Crazy (From Ashes to New song)
113 Broken Heart (Escape the Fate song)
114 Against the Wall (song)
115 When the Curtain Falls
116 Anthem of the Peaceful Army
117 Infra-Red (Three Days Grace song)
118 Torn in Two
119 Are You Ready (Disturbed song)
120 Asking for It (Shinedown song)
121 A Reason to Fight
122 Bathed in Light
123 Be Here Now (Basement song)
124 Black Smoke Rising (song)
125 You're the One (Greta Van Fleet song)
126 The Old Me
127 Monsters (Shinedown song)
128 Lover, Leaver
129 Breaking Down
130 Faith (Ghost song)
131 Remember When (Bad Wolves song)
132 Screamer (album)
133 Fear Inoculum

Major contributions/rewrites

X Video game Music Other/list based
1 Ristar Lightbulb Sun Remote Play
2 Sonic (series) A Perfect Circle   PlayStation Vita
3 Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game)   Stupid Dream Nintendo 3DS
4 Sonic the Hedgehog 2   Recordings (album) List of concept albums
5 Sonic the Hedgehog 3   Blackfield
6 Sonic & Knuckles   In Absentia
7 Sonic 3D Blast   Lo-Pro
8 Mario Clash Anthems for the Damned
9 Earthworm Jim Divide the Blackened Sky
10 Earthworm Jim 2 Porcupine Tree
11 Earthworm Jim 3D Signify
12 Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy Army of Anyone
13 Earthworm Jim (series) Revis
14 Star Ocean (video game)   Keep Telling Myself It's Alright
15 Tales of Eternia Thirteenth Step
16 Tales of VS Final Conversation of Kings
17 Tales (video game series)   Go (Vertical Horizon album)
18 Sonic R  Fair to Midland
19 Xenoblade Chronicles   Fables From A Mayfly
20 Sonic Xtreme   Static-X
21 Characters of Chrono Cross Shadow Zone
22 The Legend of Heroes Audiovent
23 Tear Ring Saga Forty Foot Echo
24 Monkey Ball Vita The Amalgamut
25 Skies of Arcadia Ones and Zeros (Young Guns album)
26 Another Eden Flaw (band)
27 Baten Kaitos Blue (Third Eye Blind album)
28 Katatonia
29 List of concept albums
30 Young Guns (band)
31 Last Fair Deal Gone Down (album)
32 Shinedown
33 Nothing More
34 The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Articles saved

These are a list of articles I saved from being deleted by completely rewriting them, demonstrating that a viable article was possible.

X Video game Music Other
1 Kaio: King of Pirates Ghosts (Sleeping at Last album) SRT Tomahawk
2 Society (video game) 3 (Suburban Kids with Biblical Names album)
3 Chrono Break Careful With That Axe
4 Iron Man 3: The Official Game
5 Teddy Together
6 Dragon Coins

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