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SenecaV's Qualifications:Edit

  • An Engineering and Programming student in BioMechanical Engineering and Computer Science, in the United States of America. Focus: biokinematics and evolutionary computer science, and efficient programming cluster intelligence implementations.
  • A graduate in Mathematical Logic and Computer Programming from Lafayette College.
  • An Linux kernel package scriptor, worked for FIRST Robotics (much of my skill is in User-mode Linux)
  • An open-source sympathiser
  • A C/C++/Java programmer
  • A high level advocate for Classical Music and Jazz Music, although I the Geek Culture (with Jonathon Coulton, Tom Lehrer, et cetera...) influenced me greatly.
  • Avid viewer of The IT Crowd, a british comedy on technology and economic development.
  • Robotics Programmer, on the FIRST Robotics team 41 - RoboWarriors
  • Student under a Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) research advisor for a computer science and chemical engineering project for NASA, which focuses on granular sortation in various levels of Gravity and the adverse patterns of the aggregate that arise.
  • Current research is under experimental and simulated plasma study. Plasmas are created with aggregate dust particles under UV stimulation and data is used to verify simulation accuracy in modelling industrial and environmental complex plasmas.

SenecaV's Agenda:Edit

- Improve pages related to programming, computer science, darwine, and provide the knowledge I have accumulated over the years in these fields to others. - Outdated Items:

Why I Edit and Contribute to Wikipedia:Edit

  • Improve pages for my field of study
  • Enhance understanding of materials by providing knowledge and differentiation of layman and expert approaches to computer science.