Apparently you can't do a PhD part time whilst working full-time and pay your rent in London, never mind stay sane. I'm not here very much but if I am it's to scratch itches.

I've made an account, user:secretlady for editing on public computers.

I was working on articles connected to the Russian Space Forces, for no particular reason. Never edit on your own area for your sanity.

I love data, metadata and researching start-class articles. Publicly accessible satellite photography is wonderful. Microformats are great. Breadth not depth.

Useful things that it would take a while to find otherwise

Articles I have worked on recentlyEdit

Incomplete - just collected here for my ease. Not bragging.

Space workspace:Articles Actual sandbox


I'm told that Zotero can export refs in Wikipedia format however I've not used. This is the nearest I've come to a wiki reference manager. I'm a big fan of list defined references as I hate editing articles which are full of citation data. However once you've moved the references to the end you can/should add as much metadata as you can - citation templates.


Before someone deletes all my local election results work as cruft please at least transwiki it somewhere. Hours of work, and the only place on the net you can find this info.

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Suitably licensed photos I found and uploaded, rather than took: