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Welcome to «Wikipedia», the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. We are currently working on 6,295,134 article^Cs in English, and «You can^C help». The «fea^Ctured article» for «May 11»^C «2021^C»^C i^Cs^C^C^C^C^C

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Hi, I'm NeonMerlin! I'm fairly experienced with copyediting, image cleanup, HTML, CSS and wiki markup, and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can! My specialty is «computer and video games».

I believe that:

  • Wikipedia has done an enormous amount to help «high school» students with our homework, and that we high school students could and should do a lot more to help Wikipedia, especially in places where volunteer work is mandatory for graduation.
  • «Microsoft» will lose its majority usage shares in the operating system, web browser and office suite markets by 2030.
  • «Computer and video games» can be an «art» form.
  • «Userboxes» are the fundamental building blocks of wiki-based life.
  • «The weather in London» and «Red link» are two pages that would cause a lot less trouble if they were protected redirects, and people chose other «intentionally permanent red links».

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