User:Salix alba/Citoid

Status:     Generally working as of 4 July 2020, but can sometimes return a blacklisted URL from the citoid server

This is a client for the Citoid service, used to generate citation templates from a URL. To use it, add

importScript('User:Salix alba/Citoid.js');

to your Special:MyPage/common.js. It will create a "Citoid" link in the Tools section of the sidebar. Clicking on that brings up a dialog where you can input a URL and get a filled in citation template.

The user interface

It is heavily based on User:Mvolz/veCiteFromURL (now defunct).

It is very much a quick hack and comes with no warranties.

The code is at User:Salix alba/Citoid.js with CSS at User:Salix alba/Citoid.css.

Version HistoryEdit

  • 0.01 Initial version
  • 0.02 - 3 June 2015
    • Fix URL for main citoid server.
    • Update the way that authors are reported.
    • Add extra text area with full output from citoid. This may contain further info which can be added to the citation manually.
  • 0.03 - 12 April 2016
    • Fixed problem with cross site scripting
  • 0.04 - 24 July 2016
    • Added support for the libraryCatalog field which is translated as |via= and used for Google Books etc.
  • 0.05 - 24 Aug 2016
  • 0.06 - 22 Oct 2016
    • Fix a bug when their are no authors. Restore access-date to Web-cites.
  • 0.07 - 13 June 2017
    • Changed location of the Citoid server.