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DescriptionEasily sort drafts with WikiProject tags
UpdatedOctober 14, 2019
    (4 days ago)

This is an extended version of User:Enterprisey/draft-sorter that provides a "burst mode", allowing editors to quickly sort a number of drafts with WikiProject tags, one after the other.

  • While on any draft page, click on the menu "Draft-sort (burst)" in the 'More' dropdown.
  • The interface for adding WikiProject tags is displayed. Add the tags, and save.
  • You are now automatically redirected to another currently submitted draft that has not been sorted yet.
  • The draft-sorter interface is automatically opened on this page.
  • Add tags and save, or skip. New draft opens automatically.
  • Repeat.

The script will serve you the pages from Category:Pending AfC submissions, that do not already have a talk page. The oldest pending drafts are shown first.

Sorting of a single draft (without going into burst mode) can also be done. For this, use the "Draft-sort" option in the 'More' menu, rather than "Draft-sort (burst)". This functionality is same as that available in User:Enterprisey/draft-sorter.js, but with a couple of bug fixes and enhancements.

To install, add the following to your common.js page.

importScript('User:SD0001/draft-sort-burst.js'); // [[User:SD0001/draft-sort-burst.js]]

By default, drafts you sort are not added to your watchlist. If you want the pages watched, add the following line to your common.js page, just after the above line:

draft_sort_burst_watchlistOption = 'watch';

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