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Forever falling short of his own expectations
— Wikipedian  —
BornPeter Joseph Mello
(1981-08-16) August 16, 1981 (age 38)
00:38 PDT
Fort Bragg, California, USA
Preferred pronounhe/him/his
Country United States of America
Current locationFort Bragg, California, USA
Current time22:37 PST [refresh]
Height182 cm
Weight97 kg
Blood typeA positive
Personality typeISTP
AlignmentChaotic neutral
Family and friends
Marital statusSingle (never married)
SiblingsBrother: 1 (younger, living)
  • Mother: 1 (living)
  • Father: 1 (living)
Pets2 cats
Education and employment
OccupationSystems analyst
Primary school
  • Redwood Elementary School
  • Dana Gray Elementary School
Intermediate schoolFort Bragg Middle School
High schoolFort Bragg High School
CollegeCollege of the Redwoods
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
ReligionAtheistic Humanism
PoliticsDemocratic socialist
AliasesPoopDawg (yeah, don't ask)
Contact info
IRCRogueScholar on Freenode
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Account statistics
JoinedOctober 13, 2003
First editOctober 13, 2003
ConfirmedOctober 23, 2003
Extended confirmedJuly 21, 2019
Edit count3581
Signature— ⚞ ℛogueScholar🐈 ₨🗩 ⚟

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About MeEdit

I've been a contributor to Wikipedia since October 13, 2003. I wouldn't have predicted then that more than 15 years later I would still be active here... Honestly, the fact that I've remembered all the various passwords I've used for this account along the way is even more remarkable.

This editor is a Grognard and is entitled to display this Wikipedia Little Red Book.

What brought me here originally was moving to Corvallis, Oregon to pursue a second baccalaureate and very quickly contracting a strain of what can only be described as rabid fandom for the school's athletics teams, the Beavers, something I missed out on during my first round of college student life. I remember visiting the Oregon State University page back then and being aghast at how poorly it represented my new font of all things black and orange... Oh, wait a second, this can't be right. I just typed in the name of our football stadium in the search box, hit Enter...and THERE'S NOT EVEN A PATHETIC STUB PAGE?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF ENCYCLOPEDIA DO YOU THINK YOU'RE RUNNING HERE WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A PAGE FOR THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH?!?!?!

Apologies for the shouting, I'm a passionate person by nature and in those days lacked much restraint. I didn't pound my fist on the desk or anything, I'm a man of letters and abhor caveman antics, but some visible gaseous by-products of combustion did certainly exit my ears.

So yeah, that's pretty much how it started with Wikipedia and me. I did an honest, but in hindsight. mediocre job of developing the school's page. It goes without saying that I damn well created a page for Reser Stadium that I still think added a significant amount of legitimacy to this whole endeavour back in those formative years. I created a category for the athletic conference we belong to, and then for years did little more than putter around with other articles as the interest and opportunity arose, which was incidental and very infrequently. Then before I could ever believe it, someone contacted me about my 20-year high school reunion. I bravely fought back the tears until the call was over, but what happened then wasn't a pretty sight. If there was ever a day that I questioned my commitment to sobriety...well, you get the picture.

The reunion was predictably awful. I never fit in with my classmates then, which was as much my fault as theirs. Social skills exist decidedly on an axis of integers, which include all the positive and negative whole numbers, and at the time you needed binoculars to see how deep in negative territory mine were. Further compounding matters was the ugly truth that we all seemed about as haggard and disaffected as you would expect the vanguard of Generation X to appear at their first significant high school reunion, and I fear that we're nowhere near the nadir of our arc yet.

In the weeks that followed though I was plagued by the sense that I was not at all at the place in life where my high school self would've imagined I'd be. More to the point, I wasn't behaving like the man that should've grown out of that promising but socially inept boy from high school. Where was the commitment to making a difference in the world that drew me to join Greenpeace back in junior high? Where was the guy who spent his lunches digitizing the school library's entire periodical collection during junior year when computers replaced the card catalog, just because he wanted to leave things in better shape than he found them? Where was...a lot of stuff. It's easy to trick yourself into thinking that your late 30s are precisely the time to be myopic and self-interested and crush it on the career path, but that does a profound disservice to the roughly ten or twelve faces that weren't at the reunion because they couldn't be bothered, but rather because their Earthly affairs had come to a detestably early conclusion. I should've taken a picture of that poster board covered with photos of them, but really there wasn't a need, it's the kind of thing that appears to stick with you.

So I'm back here again! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. No surprise I'm working on the Wiki page of another school, this time it's my old high school. Believe it or not but it was in worse shape than the one for OSU was all the way back in '03. And true to form, I'm doing another mediocre job at improving it, though this time I have the consolation of all the infernal bureaucracy you all have created while I was mostly kibitzing. Where's the fast-and-loose rush to "write now, source later" that seemed so innocent and joyous when I started out? Parts of it weren't pretty, I'll admit, but I think most of it turned out fairly well in the end. Now? Your clicky finger barely has time to get off the Publish button and here comes some editor who, hand to God, has 7,000 edits to his name, 92.3% of which are removing what others have written because it's not formatted "according to Hoyle" or because your source (while valid and authoritative) was six or seven years old. Looks like I came back not a moment too soon.

We're gonna crank up the boombox and edit with one hand while playing foosball with the other like the old days, okay? Sure, some rules are important but let's not lose sight of the fact that the holes aren't even a tenth of the way filled yet! We're still better served mostly using shovels to keep filling them in and not grabbing the soil compactor every few hours to level the loose fill. At least that's how I see it, though this place has a funny way of changing one's perspective on a lot of unforeseen topics, or hadn't you noticed? ;)

Ways to contact meEdit

Username historyEdit

When I first joined Wikipedia my username was ViceEmperor816 and remained so until I submitted a request for it to be changed to RogueScholar, which was granted on January 13, 2018. The earlier username was one that dated back to my very early days online as a teenager (hence the inclusion of my date of birth as a pseudo-UID at the end) and had long since abandoned. The change was to achieve some continuity among all the sites to which I'm a contributor and certainly not to distance myself from any earlier actions. If anything, I've made much more of a ruckus around here since changing it, which perhaps can be attributed to a greater feeling of authenticity here since it was changed.


Milestone edits and grants of rights/awards
Edit Date Grant of rights/award Action taken Edit summary
1st Oct 13, 2003 Registered user rights/
Registered Editor SA
Created Jogo do pau (View edit) None
10th Oct 18, 2003 Confirmed user rights Created Oregon University System (View edit) Creation
50th Sep 12, 2004 Registered Editor ISA -
Level 2
Edited Oregon State University (View edit) Moved logo
100th Nov 28, 2005 Registered Editor ISA -
Level 3
Edited Oregon State University (View edit) →‎Athletics
150th Dec 13, 2016 Registered Editor ISA -
Level 4
Edited Mitochondrial DNA (View edit) →‎Male inheritance: Caused 'germline' in first paragraph to link to its eponymous article
200th Aug 9, 2018 Novice Editor SA Edited Fort Bragg Unified School District (View edit) Figured out those undocumented fields in the infobox are probably that way for a reason...
400th Jul 2, 2019 Novice Editor ISA -
Level 2
Edited Tomato (firmware) (View edit) Rewrite conclusion of history section
500th Jul 22, 2019 Extended confirmed user rights Edited User:RogueScholar (View edit) Decrease font size of committed identity SHA-512 hash string
600th Aug 2, 2019 Novice Editor ISA -
Level 3
Edited Talk:Arbor Park School District 145 (View edit) Assessment: Chicago (Stub/Low); Illinois (Stub/Low); Schools (Stub/Low) (Rater)
800th Aug 5, 2019 Novice Editor ISA -
Level 4
Edited Talk:Camino Del Rey Association (View edit) Assessment: Schools (Stub/Low) (Rater)
1000th Aug 8, 2019 Apprentice Editor SA Edited File:CIF-NCS Coastal Mountain Conference Logo.png (View edit) m Fix typo in describing file size
1213th Aug 14, 2019 Received first barnstar
(The Barnstar of Diligence)
Moved Oregon Chief Education Office (View edit) m RogueScholar moved page Oregon's Chief Education Office to Oregon Chief Education Office: Per MOS:AT: Legislative language creating and sunsetting the office calls it Oregon Chief Education Office
1250th Aug 15, 2019 Apprentice Editor ISA -
Level 2
Edited User:RogueScholar/sandbox 1 (View edit) Begin draft of Mendocino Coast Health Care District article
1500th Aug 23, 2019 Apprentice Editor ISA -
Level 3
Edited Talk:Superintendent (education) (View edit) Assessment: Education (C/Mid); +Schools (C/Low) (Rater)
1750th Aug 28, 2019 Apprentice Editor ISA -
Level 4
Edited Talk:Fort Lee School District (View edit) Assessment: Schools (C/Low); New Jersey (C/Low) (Rater)
2000th Sep 2, 2019 Journeyman Editor SA Edited Fort Bragg High School (View edit) Change logo filename to match recent transfer to Commons
2500th Sep 14, 2019 Journeyman Editor ISA -
Level 2
Edited Ukiah High School (View edit) Update infobox to current parameters and more current datums
3000th Oct 3, 2019 Journeyman Editor ISA -
Level 3
Edited Template:Merge school/doc (View edit) Add to category WikiProject Schools templates
3500th Nov 14, 2019 Journeyman Editor ISA -
Level 4
Edited Category:Stub-Class school articles (View edit) Switch page contents to template-generated for intra-WikiProject consistency

Pages createdEdit

Articles added to English Wikipedia
Name Date Time Orig.
Article grade Links[b]
Jogo do pau Oct 13, 2003 17:08 PDT 0.3 KiB 6.9 KiB   Start-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Oregon State Board of Higher Education Oct 18, 2003 11:03 PDT 0.4 KiB 5.6 KiB   Start-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Benny Beaver Oct 18, 2003 12:20 PDT 0.5 KiB 9.3 KiB   Start-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Oregon University System Oct 18, 2003 18:35 PDT 0.7 KiB 2.8 KiB   Stub-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Reser Stadium Jun 22, 2004 18:38 PDT 0.4 KiB 19.4 KiB   C-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Fort Bragg Unified School District Aug 9, 2018 10:02 PDT 5.1 KiB 22.9 KiB   C-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Noyo River Bridge Aug 20, 2019 04:43 PDT 10.5 KiB 10.5 KiB   Start-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
Anderson Valley Unified School District Aug 25, 2019 05:18 PDT 7.2 KiB 7.6 KiB   Start-class Top editsMetadataRevision historyPageviews
  1. ^ As of August 25, 2019
  2. ^ Pageview graphs show visits by month from July 2015 to July 2019

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These are the files that I've uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as of August 27th, 2019 with hover links to the articles that prompted me to do so:

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Currently, this editor has earned a Journeyman Editor service award.

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