I completed a PhD in archaeology at the University of Exeter and specialise in castle studies and the archaeology of destruction.

I currently work for Wikimedia UK and previously worked for English Heritage as a Properties Historian. I am also a board member of the Castle Studies Trust, a UK registered charity. I hope to improve content related to the sites the CST is actively involved with. So far this has involved rewriting the articles on:

Next up, Holt Castle probably but I've been saying that for a long while.

At some point there'll also be

Maybe even in that order. More broadly it would be interesting to tackle other subject to do with medieval society, like literacy in the Middle Ages.

I've rewritten the article on Buckton Castle and slighting in the process declared on the respective talk page that I (co-)authored some of the sources cited. I'm pleased as punch the article on Buckton is now a Featured Article.

I also help out the Women's Classical Committee in their work to improve Wikipedia's coverage of female classicists. Check out their project page to see the fantastic work they've been doing!