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Red Slash has made a lot of edits to Wikipedia, which actually began when he was a shockingly immature high school student. Once he started college, he stopped coming here so much, and then he graduated and got like a real job and everything. Every once in a while he goes through brief spurts of activity, generally to try and improve things. Sometimes that means making big changes, which sometimes end up being accepted and popular--sometimes they result in hurt feelings and upsettedness, and often with good reason (carelessness and ignorance or, worst of all, callousness). If anything I've done rubs you wrong, you're probably right to feel miffed. I want to make the 'pedia better and have wanted that from the get-go, but many mistakes do slip in and I regret them tremendously. (Every once in a while I'll read a talk page comment from a few years/months/hours ago and just cringe at my brash idiocy.)

The only thing I'd really like you to know is that Jesus Christ, he of the hundreds of skeptical articles, actually did come to earth, regardless of what you may have heard, and came to show us that there really is a God who really does love us. He's convinced me.

Red Slash 17:06, 23 July 2019 (UTC)

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I need an anti-death umbrella.

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