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Welcome to the Knight Rammaum's User Page
Rammaum (talk) is busy in real life and may not respond swiftly to queries. I suggest you email me ( here ) instead.

A part-time Wikipedian
— Wikipedian  —
It's me wearing armour called ihram against devils during umrah in Makkah in 2007.
It's me wearing armour called ihram against devils during umrah in Makkah in 2007.
BornSeptember 21
Marawi City
Country Philippines
Current locationSaudi Arabia Riyadh
Time zoneAST
Current time
10:27 28 October 2021
Weight114 kg
EyesDark Brown
Blood typeA+
Personality typeISTJ
Family and friends
Marital statusMarried
ChildrenEmJay, Kukku, Mymy
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs

Internet, computer

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Hi, I'm a heterosexual male from southeast Asia, I've been on Wikipedia since October 11, 2010. It's been a WONDERFUL, STRESSFUL, PAINFUL, OVER-THE-CLOCK experience....... I'm mostly interested in adding, improving, citing & wikifying[1].... I am not the type of editor who is likely to delete, remove, interfere & revert[2] just to satisfy own standard. I must admit that I am profoundly familiarizing myself to Wiki rules, and that I've decided to spend my leisure time only.

I'm also interested and longing to see a Maranao Wikipedia someday soon. However, this desire is hindered by the inadequacy of fellows with the same interest. Anyway, I am very busy with my full-time job...

Finally, I've decided to clean up my user page with few userboxes below as per Wikipedia guidelines.

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  1. ^ As an editor myself, I focus on these through expansion & elaboration.
  2. ^ I hate seeing these at Wiki projects if not extremely necessary.


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