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Manfred von ThunEdit


Origionally studied Psychology and Philosophy. He then did his PhD in the field of inductive logic and logical probability titled "Elements of non-demonstrative logic".

He held a teaching position at latrobe since 1972 and was a Research Associate in the "Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences" in the "School of Humanities".

He taught courses in philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology, cybernetics, general philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology, deductive logic, inductive logic, computational logic and computer science.

He retired at the end of 2003 and died in 2011.


He has an unpublished book: Symbolic Processing in Pascal based on Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs avaliable on his Latrobe Homepage.

He is the creator of the Joy programming language and has also been influential in the field of concatenative language theory


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