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Nothing will convince us more of your commitment to gender equality than you telling a woman to pipe down. -Gamaliel

Everybody dies. :( Except perhaps Praxidicae, she'll out-sass death. -stwalkerster

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She whom none can escape

I edit Wikipedia, I'm already in hell. No need to give me the fire-and-brimstone warnings of your god. -Bkissin

Look, I'm not your mother. -Beyond My Ken

There's no point in me being online if I'm not being an asshole. -Nick

Articles I've created/improved: Linkurious ° Bengie's Drive-In Theatre ° 2018 Maryland flood ° D. Watkins ° Francisco Lopez de Vallalobos ° Brandon Scott ° Sharon Green Middleton
° Death of Detective Sean Suiter ° Baltimore City Board of License Liquor Commission ° 2019 Baltimore ransomware attack ° Patterson Park Pagoda ° Maryland House of Delegates: District 46, District 47 ° Portal:Baltimore

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