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Joined 30 December 2015

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Born20th or 21st Century
United States of America
Service/branchWikiProject Intertranswiki
Years of service2015-present
RankTutnum of the Encyclopedia
Commands heldSoviet Aviation Task Force
Battles/warsAnglo-Russowiki content gap
AwardsEditor of the Week
Honoured Editor of the Encyclopedia
The Original Barnstar
The Women in Red Barnstar
The Barnstar of Diligence

I created this account in December 2015, but didn't start writing articles until a bit later. In terms of editing philosophy, I am a preservationist - just because something isn't heavily written about in English on the internet does NOT mean the it's not notable. And unfortunately, lots of topics that significantly exceed our notability requirements do not have articles simply due to the lack of English-language internet coverage.

If you want to make yourself very useful, help find the originals to some of these pre-1946 newspaper clippings. I hope to find better quality versions of the public-domain images to add to commons. And please do sign this photo request petition.

List of books I needEdit

I need page numbers for certain quotes from the following books to include in citations, since the online previews that show some parts of a book rarely include page numbers. The list is in order of importance

  • Besschetnov, Yevgeny (2000). Звезды в ладонях: документальная повесть о дважды герое Советского Союза Амет-хане Султане (in Russian). Simferopol: КАЖН. ISBN 5778005261. OCLC 76815419.
  • Dospanova, Khiuaz (1960). Под командованием Расковой: воспоминания военного летчика (in Russian). Alma-Ata: Kazgoslitizdat. OCLC 7366140.
  • Героини: очерки о женщинах — Героях Советского Союза. Moscow: Politizdat. 1963.
  • Aronova, Raisa (1969). Ночные ведьмы (in Russian). Moscow: Soviet Russia. OCLC 2806061.
  • Butaev, Buta (2005). Амет-хан Султан [Amet-khan Sultan]. Moscow: Patriot. ISBN 5703009227. OCLC 61488566.
  • Chechneva, Marina (1975). Боевые подруги мои. Moscow: DOSAAF. OCLC 976865209.
  • Semin, Georgy (1955). Севастополь: исторический очерк (in Russian). Moscow: Voenizdat. OCLC 713789151.
  • Karpov, Yuri; Galazov, A. (2008). Женщины Кавказа. Фотографии, живопись, скульптура, графика. Moscow: Фортуна ЭЛ. ISBN 5958200542. OCLC 643120881.
  • Yevstigneev, Vladimir; Sinitsyn, Andrey (1965). Люди бессмертного подвига: очерки о дважды героях Советского Союза (in Russian). Moscow: Politizdat.

Books I have that you might needEdit

Need the page numbers for a specific section of a book? Or need to confirm if something cited from a book is actually stated in it? Feel free to ask about these books:

Pillars of my editing philosophyEdit

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Please take your racist bullshit to Yakplakal and leave us alone.
  • Few or no google results in English does not equal non-notable topic.
  • A secondary source is no good if it contradicts all primary sources and other secondary sources.
  • WP:DUH! - The statement "So-and-so was featured on a (value) postage stamp of (country)" does not merit a "citation needed" tag when an image of that exact stamp is in that section of the article.
  • Barnstars should be for users who correct inaccuracies in articles, create and/or find needed photos+multimedia, expand stubs, copyedit poorly-written translations, and write new articles on topics that merit coverage. Issuing them for things like creating redirects, assessing articles, categorization, and humor devalues the awards and over-values less important editing.
  • Yes, it's OK to put a translated article template inside a talkpage WikiProject banner shell.
  • If the only freely-licenced photo(s) of someone or something is absolutely useless for the purposes of the article (ie, if it is de minimis, far too damaged to be restored to a point of usefulness for visual recognition, or doesn't show their face from an angle sufficient for recognition), fair-use is OK.
  • Do not redlink topics that will not meet notability requirements; this will confuse the newbies a lot.
  • The phrase "Lyalya Nasukhanova was the first Chechen woman pilot" clearly means that she was the first woman of Chechen ethnicity to become a pilot. It should NOT be changed to "Lyalya Nasukhanova was the first woman pilot of Chechen decesent", because that changes the meaning to implying she only had some Chechen heritage. Flipping out over the phrase "Lyalya Nasukhanova was the first Chechen woman pilot" over perception that it somehow secretly means she was the first woman pilot in a fictional independent Chechenya is silly. (This didn't happen to Lyalya Nasukhanova's article, but a nearly identical situation happened to a different article)
  • "Translated from Russian Wikipedia" at the bottom of a page is NOT a substitute for in-line citations. WP:CIRCULAR forbids sourcing just from other Wikipedias without checking real sources.

Articles I've created:Edit


Soviet military biographiesEdit

  1. Tatyana Makarova
  2. Maguba Syrtlanova
  3. Olga Sanfirova
  4. Antonina Khudyakova
  5. Larisa Litvinova
  6. Yevdokiya Nikulina
  7. Nina Raspopova
  8. Yevdokiya Nosal
  9. Zoya Parfenova
  10. Yevgeniya Zhigulenko
  11. Antonina Zubkova
  12. Yelena Stempkovskaya
  13. Mariya Batrakova
  14. Mariya Polivanova
  15. Anna Nikandrova
  16. Tatyana Kostyrina
  17. Valeriya Gnarovskaya
  18. Vera Kashcheyeva
  19. Kseniya Konstantinova
  20. Lyudmila Kravets
  21. Zinaida Mareseva
  22. Zinaida Samsonova
  23. Mariya Shcherbachenko
  24. Mariya Shkarletova
  25. Zinaida Tusnolobova-Marchenko
  26. Galina Petrova
  27. Mariya Tsukanova
  28. Nina Gnilitskaya
  29. Yelena Kolesova
  30. Tatyana Marinenko
  31. Anna Maslovskaya
  32. Antonina Petrova
  33. Larisa Ratushnaya
  34. Valentina Safronova
  35. Anna Lisitsyna
  36. Mariya Melentyeva
  37. Anna Morozova
  38. Anastasiya Biseniek
  39. Darya Dyachenko
  40. Mariya Kislyak
  41. Yelena Mazanik
  42. Mariya Osipova
  43. Nadezhda Troyan
  44. Klavdiya Nazarova
  45. Nina Sosnina
  46. Yelena Ubiyvovk
  47. Nadezhda Volkova
  48. Yefrosinya Zenkova
  49. Fedir Babachenko
  50. Mikhail Badyuk
  51. Pyotr Bazanov
  52. Aleksandr Ivanovich Babaev (pilot)
  53. Georgy Bayevsky
  54. Khavazi Muhamed-Mirzaev
  55. Khansultan Dachiev
  56. Vladimir Shalimov
  57. Aleksei Khlobystov
  58. Boris Kovzan
  59. Nikolai Vlasov
  60. Uzeir Abduramanov
  61. Seyitnafe Seyitveliyev
  62. Teyfuq Abdul
  63. Fetislyam Abilov
  64. Abdraim Reshidov
  65. Umer Adamanov
  66. Seitnebi Abduramanov
  67. Leonid Velilayev
  68. Nadezhda Zhurkina
  69. Nina Petrova
  70. Danute Staneliene
  71. Matrena Necheporchukova
  72. Tatyana Sumarokova
  73. Aleksandra Akimova
  74. Valentina Kravchenko
  75. Dasha Akayev
  76. Ahmed Malsagov
  77. Alime Abdenanova
  78. Bakhtyuras Besikbayev
  79. Khiuaz Dospanova
  80. Serafima Amosova
  81. Tamara Kazarinova
  82. Yevdokiya Rachkevich
  83. Irina Rakobolskaya
  84. Glafira Kashirina
  85. Valentina Stupina
  86. Nina Rusakova
  87. Lyolya Boguzokova
  88. Sergey Chernykh (pilot)
  89. Yaponts Abadiyev
  90. Rashid-bek Akhriev
  91. Shirvani Kostoev
  92. Irbaykhan Baybulatov
  93. Aleksandr Gorovets
  94. Ivan Grigorievich Borisov
  95. Nikolai Skomorokhov
  96. Stepan Suprun
  97. Iosif Gusakovsky
  98. Nikolai Stolyarov
  99. Ivan Stepanenko
  100. Aleksey Ryazanov (pilot)
  101. Aleksey Smirnov (pilot)
  102. Vasily Stepanovich Petrov
  103. Pavel Taran
  104. Mariya Nesterenko
  105. Vasily Rakov
  106. Vasily Ryazanov (general)
  107. Nikolai Semeyko
  108. Vasily Senko
  109. Nikolai Chelnokov
  110. Aleksandr Shabalin
  111. Zakhar Slyusarenko
  112. Semyon Khokhryakov
  113. Ivan Fesin
  114. Pavel Shurukhin
  115. Mikhail Fomichyov
  116. Afanasy Shilin
  117. Ivan Suchkov
  118. Nikolai Dokashenko
  119. Emir Chalbash
  120. Movldi Umarov
  121. Stepan Naumenko
  122. Abdusamat Taymetov
  123. Ismail Bulatov
  124. Ivan Drachenko
  125. Pavel Dubinda
  126. Aleksandr Min
  127. Duda Enginoev
  128. Zakhar Sorokin

Victims of Extremism & Prisoners of ConscienceEdit

Khans of KokandEdit


Articles I've significantly improved:Edit


Templates I use a lotEdit

  • {{Div col|cols=3}} {{Div col end}}
  • {{Translated page|LANG|other title}}
  • {{Aviation accidents and incidents in YEAR}}

other helpful linksEdit

My AwardsEdit

  Editor of the Week
Your ongoing efforts to improve the encyclopedia have not gone unnoticed: You have been selected as Editor of the Week in recognition of the quality of your work. Thank you for the great contributions! (courtesy of the Wikipedia Editor Retention Project)
  The Original Barnstar
Thanks for your contributions relating to aviation. Keep up the good work. Hope you will spot more of these. Thanks, Greenbörg (talk) 15:22, 18 October 2017 (UTC)
  Honoured Editor of the encyclopedia
For your great devotion and contributions on Wikipedia TheMightyGeneral (talk) 15 January 2018
  The Women in Red barnstar
I am sure you have one of these already? If not you deserve one! Great work on Yevgeniya Zhigulenko, Antonina Zubkova, Yelena Stempkovskaya and all of the others - Dumelow (talk) 01:19, 23 January 2018 (UTC)
  The Barnstar of Diligence
For your contributions on Heroes of the Soviet Union, especially on the lists of recipients and creation of new articles Kges1901 (talk) 21:51, 14 February 2018 (UTC)
  The Original Barnstar
For your source note on "Stalin's Falcons" and its errors.. Buckshot06 (talk) 08:06, 8 August 2019 (UTC)


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