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Due to some problems I have with Wikipedia's notability criteria in regards to locally significant topics, I will not be editing here much anymore. I have recently founded a new inclusionist wiki called Localpedia, which specifically focuses on topics of local significance rather than worldly significance. Articles include local establishments, articles for any type of educational institutions (as opposed to only high schools like here), citizens that are well-known in a town, certain events or incidents, etc. If you are interested in researching local history and documenting local establishments or locally notable people to the fullest extent possible, please contribute there instead of here. Wikipedia simply does not have the ability to allow articles such as Lakeside Middle School (South Carolina) or Mauldin United Methodist Church to be included, and even if it did, it is not allowed to cover these topics in nearly enough detail for sufficient understanding from readers. Localpedia allows for more than sufficient understanding of specific local areas, both urban and rural. By allowing Localpedia to grow, locally significant topics still have a chance to succeed in the free information world.