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The following articles are ones that I have made significant contributions to. They are listed in alphabetical order, with the amount of bytes contributed to the article by me indicated next to their names in parentheses. Also indicated are their classes according to the assessment scale of the primary wikiproject relevant to that article, or by user review. These article classes are   C-Class,   B-Class,   GA-Class, or   Featured-Class. In addition, a note of my role in the articles listed is also shown, stating whether I am the article's creator, its top contributor, or a major contributor. I consider myself a major contributor if I assist in promoting an article to GA-Class, and/or my contributions exceed at least 20% of the article's content by added text, as recorded by xtool's "Page History" tool. This list was last updated 13 March 2019.


Lists and templatesEdit

The following list articles and templates, listed in alphabetical order, are ones I have either created, currently curate, or otherwise have made major contributions to. 'Curating' is when I actively monitor and frequently make updates to the lists or templates. Indicated in the following list are the pages' classes according to the primary relevant WikiProject as either   List-Class or   Template-class, and my role in the pages. All my created list articles are shown, though only major templates that I have created or currently curate that appear on a number of articles are shown. This list was last updated 7 April 2019.