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About me

I used to be a Law Costs Draftsman (from 2000 to 2013): now I work for the company writing the software that I used for most of that time, and provide aid and succor to my ex-colleagues over the phone! Before that I was a Computer Programmer for a couple of decades. Before that I was at university (University College London) and, even before that, school (Haileybury).

I am married with one daughter. My wife is a Law Costs Draftsman. We live in Amersham.

My interests include reading (a lot) and listening to music (loud). I also manage to watch a surprising amount of TV.

My birthday is September 4 which turns out to be surprisingly public, since I submitted it to various newsgroups a long while back.

My first barnstar

From User:Topbanana:

Again, thanks for your efforts - award yourself a wikimedal for janitorial services if you haven't already got one! - TB 11:25, 2004 Nov 8 (UTC)

Pea Galaxies

Thankyou very much for your considerable work on the 'Facts and figures' table. This must have taken a lot of time and effort. Well worth it though! Richard Nowell (talk) 11:31, 2 October 2010 (UTC)


We are a cat-friendly family. We currently have two (NB: they were already named!):

Roger male black quite bonkers local cat rescue November 2011
Teabag male gray tabby, white underneath yowly, as befits his distinctly Siamese features local cat rescue August 2014


Jazpurr male ginger/red tabby Cats Protection August 1995 died August 2003
Motley female tortoiseshell family up the road Died Christmas Day 2002
Mimi female black-and-white medicated for thyroid problems;
the escape artist of the bunch
RSPCA rescue 31 December 2003 Died 6 December 2006
Bramble male black laid-back Cats Protection Spring 1996 Died 1 July 2007
Daisy female black bossy a family up the road who moved to New Zealand Died 1 June 2011
Bill male ginger/red tabby small but fat, greedy and loud RSPCA rescue 27 August 2005 Died 5 June 2011
Stig male mackerel red tabby enormous local cat rescue 7 July 2007 Died 2 November 2011
Poppy female tortoiseshell not laid-back at all Cats Protection Winter 1997 Died 1 February 2014
Snowdrop female white fluffy, hissy, greedy local golf club sold for redevelopment Spring 2010 Died August 2014
Biscuit male red tabby adventurous local cat rescue August 2014 Died 27 October 2021

Claims to "fame"

Some clutching at straws here, but if I can get an article or two out of it ... :-)