Hello, I'm Peter Wu from Nanjing, China. I love Wikipedia, and I want to try my best to improve it.

Peter Wu
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My three biggest HobbiesEdit


I have been paying attention to soccer for about 3 years, and know much.

Contract BridgeEdit

2 years ago I began to play bridge. I can play well, but still quite amateur.

Climate and MeteorologyEdit

I'm interested in Meteorology and use my spare time to learn something about it. In it I'm interested in Tropical Cyclones. I also enjoy everyday weather, either sunny or rainy days.

I also have many other hobbies and I'm curious about new things! Like those in my userbox!

Articles I like to readEdit

I like reading different kinds of articles in Wikipedia. They are interesting. But according to my interests, These are my favorite.

  • 1st. Meteorology. That's my interest, and I often read them.
  • 2nd. News. I often read news to know if anything important is happening in this world.
  • 3rd. Good Articles. These articles cover different areas, and they are of good qualities. They are good for us.
  • 4th. Scientific. Science is interesting, and reading them can greatly improve my knowledge.

And varies others.


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For more information, see Special:Contributions/Peterwu2019.

What I can contributeEdit

  1. I can check the mistakes while reading and try to join discussions to help improve articles. Welcome to discuss with me!
  2. At the same time I like to read my hobbies. I can check it and sometimes add something~

My signature in WikiEdit

Peter Wu (2019)

Contact meEdit

  1. Turn to talk page.
  2. Please use "tools"(in the sidebar) --> "email this user" on computer to email me. (at 2509932121@qq.com, either you can do it manually)

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