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The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpgThis user has left the planet Earth 0 times.
This user is of Chinese ethnicity.
en-3This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.

Time and Time Zones

Crystal Clear app date.pngToday is 5 June, 2020.
Crystal Clear app aim3.pngThis user has no understanding of time and does everything at the last minute.
Wall clock.pngThis user's time zone is HKT.
Windup alarm clock.jpgThis user does not observe Daylight Saving Time.
This user is diurnal.


16This user is 16 years old.
Sagittarius.svgThis user is a Sagittarian.
This user was born in the year of the Snake.Snake.svg


♂This user is male.
Nuvola apps amor.svgThis user is single.
Drawn love hearts.svgThis user has a crush on someone.


40pxThis user studies at the Queen's College, Hong Kong.
Desktop computer clipart - Yellow theme.svg
This user's favorite subject is computing.
Conical flask.svgThis user's favourite subject is Chemistry.
Wormhole jet.jpgThis user's favorite subject is physics.
Cessna172-CatalinaTakeOff.JPGThis user wishes to fly and hopes to become an aircraft pilot.


Own windows logo xp.svgThis user contributes using Microsoft Windows XP.
Crystal 128 kuser.png This user uses Windows Live Messenger and his/her email address is peterwhy@hotmail.com .
XangaThis user maintains a Xanga weblog at peterwhy.
Y!This user uses Yahoo! as a primary search engine.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
This user contributes with a computer based on the Intel Celeron microprocessor.
Nokia1600 01.jpgThis user contributes using a phone.
Exquisite-kfm home.pngThis user prefers to play games on a PC.
Grand Theft Auto logo series.svg
This user once loved Grand Theft Auto.
RCTThis user plays RollerCoaster Tycoon.


js-4This user is an expert JavaScript programmer.
prog-3This user is an advanced programmer.
pas-3This user is an advanced Pascal programmer.
HTML-3This user is an advanced HTML user.
ubx-2This user is an intermediate user of userboxes.
xhtml-1This user is a beginning XHTML user.
[[ASP ]]-1This user is a beginner [[ASP ]] programmer.


a²+b²=c²This user is an intermediate mathematician.
This user knows that 0.999... is exactly 1.
| I | N | T | E | G | R | A | L | S |

My antiderivative

Letter Pi.svgPi ≈ 3.1415926535897932384626
?met?This user prefers metric units and cannot figure out why Americans have such a hard time with them.


CardsThis user enjoys playing Uno.
Rubiks cube solved.jpgThis user can solve a Rubik's Cube without cheating.


OThis user's favourite colour is orange.
G This user's favorite color is green.
G This user's favourite colour is purple.

I am currently interested in route diagram templates. –PeterCX&Talk 15:12, 17 November 2007 (UTC)


  • Prowdly my .svg diagram was chosen in a future infrastracture box: {{Future Hong Kong public transportation}}

    PeterCX&Talk 12:40, 22 July 2008 (UTC)