Peter Horn
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NamePeter Horn
Born (1937-10-12) 12 October 1937 (age 85)
Current locationLaval, Quebec
Education and employment
OccupationRetired Draftsman
EducationGrade 12
High schoolVictoria High School
Class of 1955
Het Baarnsch Lyceum, 1950/1951 & 1951/1952
UniversityVictoria College
1 year

Certified Engineering Technician in "drafting technology" (CET) sr., retired. Life member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta[1] (Canada) (A.S.E.T.) (formerly called The Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists).

Born in Baarn (Soestdijk), Utrecht, Netherlands on the 12th of October 1937. Left Rotterdam on the 13th of May 1952 on the MS Diemerdijk [2][3][4][5][6] of the Holland America Line and arrived in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, by way of the Panama Canal, on the 17th of June 1952 with my parents and 5 younger brothers, of which 4 († 8th of August 1975) are still alive.

Six year work stint (1974-1980) at Montreal Locomotive Works/Bombardier as an "interface checker".


This user lives somewhere in Chomedy with his wife Raquel. He frequents the local McDonald's which is five blocks west from his residence (we moved). McD is now closed because of Covid-19

This user prefers to listen to Radio-Classique Montréal CJPX-FM 99,5. Now defunct

Back in August 2012 my daughter left the nest to get married.

Wikipedia:Meetup/Montréal 1

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CEBX 800 en Amérique du NordEdit

Le plus grand wagon de transport exceptionnel en service, appartenant à la société ABB, porte l'immatriculation CEBX 800, et est utilisé en Amérique du Nord. Construit par la société Krupp AG, il est doté de 36 essieux (18 pour chaque moitié). Chaque moitié comprend 9 bogies reliés entre eux par un système complexe de balanciers. Sa tare (masse à vide) est de 370 tonnes. Lorsqu'il est vide, ce wagon mesure 70.6 m de long. Il peut porter une charge de 34.5 m de long et 852.3 tonnes. Par comparaison, un wagon couvert classique n'a qu'un seul bogie de deux essieux à chaque extrémité, mesure une quinzaine de mètres et transporte une charge qui n'excède pas 80 tonnes[7].


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