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 Paper Stacks ( Grime Artist )Edit

Paul Quail ( Born 4 August 1993 ), Better Known by his stage name paper Stacks ,

is an British Grime Mc from Glasgow , Scotland , Stacks has been described as consistent ,

anesthetic with his music abilities , With many underground mixtapes made he has proved that he can hold

his own in the uk urban scene.

Paper StacksEdit

  • Born - 4 August 1993 ( age 23 )
  • Origin - Glasgow , Scotland , Blackpool , England , Greater Manchester , England
  • Genres - Grime , Uk Rap
  • Occupation(s) - Rapper , Songwriter , Music Group ( owner )
  • Labels - Paper Storm Music Group ( owner )


Paper Stacks released his debut mixtape , Titled Glasvegas Leaning in 2009. He

began writing music with his friend's were he recorded many freestyle's in 2007.

Sources say he spend two years writing his debut mixtape , Titled Glasvegas Leaning.

In late 2009 , Stacks released his debut mixtape , titled Glasvegas Leaning which received

very well on twitter , youtube and Itunes. This gave him more popularity on social media and most of europe.

In 2012 , Stacks moved to Blackpool which he started working on his second mixtape ,

Titled Quest to find peace , Once again his mixtape was very well received on social media.

In 2015 , Stacks then moved to Greater Manchester to learn more about the music business ,

Which lead him to start working on his third mixtape , Titled Glasvegas Leaning 2 , It was

Released in late 2015 , Which it was very well received in the area and most of Britain.

In 2017 , Stacks decided to start his own music group called Paper Storm and is

currently working on his fourth mixtape , Titled Still Leaning . He has been Signing new

young urban talent and is working with them on there Ep's , Mixtapes and Albums.



Glasvegas LeaningEdit

Released 2009Edit

Quest to find peaceEdit

Released 2012Edit

Glasvegas Leaning 2Edit

Released 2015Edit

Currently Working on Still LeaningEdit

Release date August 2017Edit