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Hello, I'm Panagiotis Zois. I've been using Wikipedia to read up on various things since at least 2007–08. I probably began making edits around 2010 as an unregistered user. I had made a previous account but I barely made any edits with it and eventually completely forgot about it. I created my current account back in 2013 but the amount of edits I made were minimal. It wasn't until December, 2016 that I became involved with editing Wikipedia. I'm mostly interested in improving media-related articles including: films, TV shows, video games and character articles. For some of the pages I'd like to improve either now or in the future see "Projects". And just in case anyone's wondering, my favorite article that I worked on is Final Destination 3. FD3 has been my favorite horror movie for almost a decade now, since I first saw it. Improving upon its article gave me the chance to learn a lot about it. Currently still trying to find another article that I like enough to work on the same extent.

And sidenote, while Greek is indeed my birth language, my English is much better.


Some articles I've created
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  1. Eve - GA-class.
  2. Mercy Point - GA-class.


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