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I am a Canadian computer engineer born in Croatia, living in Vietnam. Hence the langages in the box to the right. After graduating I had a total of 16months work experience in IT and then I decided to go and live in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City I work in computer engineering and my interests include:

  • Vietnam
  • Croatia
  • Engineering, IT and computers
  • Education
  • English Grammar
  • Science
  • Performance Management
  • Gramatical and spelling editing of articles

When creating articles I believe in making all knowledge available, that is even obscure items that are not part of general knowledge. I respect Wikipedia's idea of not being a random depository of facts so when adding information I ask myslef the question: Will someone ever need to know this, primarily for some kind of research? If I can answer that qestion to my satisfaction, even if the information might not be relevant to a large audience I will not hesitate to include it.


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