I, Patrick Traill, am an Englishman, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, brought up in Ivybridge and Hele (near Bradninch) (both in Devon, England), educated in Merton College, Oxford, having lived in London, England, Göttingen, Beverwijk, Haarlem and Lobberich, currently living in Germany, married to a German wife and now retired, having worked until retirement in Amsterdam (in the Netherlands) and at home.
I failed to become a mathematician and was a moderately proficient computer programmer, which provided me with my job until my relatively recent retirement.
My dormant interests include rock- and tree-climbing and the ancient game of tennis; interests revived since my retirement include the board game Go and the modern descendant of tennis, lawn tennis. I am actively interested in programming languages and passively, alas, in mathematics. I enjoy listening to such music as Franz Schubert, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen have produced, and trying (in near-complete privacy) to reproduce that of the first.
I am an agnostic, tending to atheism, by which I mean that I have been unable to convince myself whether there is a god (rather than that I am convinced that one cannot establish it), but tend to assume that there is (unfortunately) no such person as the benevolent ideal and (fortunately) no such as the disagreeable manifestation.
The contributor User:Livedevilslivedevil has suggested I mention that he is my son, which I am very glad to do.

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