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“Revolving” self-portrait of French photographer Nadar, c. 1865
“Revolving” self-portrait of French photographer Nadar, c. 1865
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Greetings all! My name is……… wait! Before I tell you about my interests, I would like to say, Wikipedia is the greatest thing in history of everything! Alright, now, where was I? Oh yeah, my name is Robert and as you might’ve figured out by what I just said, I freakin love Wikipedia! I have an old account, Orson1234. I’m the biggest History nerd on the face of this earth, specifically European, Monarchal, American (mostly 19th century), Mexican, and even some Chinese and Middle Eastern history. I’m very interested in Portrait paintings and their artists, my favorite artists are van Dyck, Cranach, Lawrence, and Rubens. I also have an affinity for 19th century photography, specifically the work of Nadar. I mostly edit history articles related to European royals or American politicians (mostly 19th century). I also love to contribute to Commons, my favorite images that I’ve uploaded are down below.

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