The Grand Place, Brussels

I've been on Wikipedia a while now, and it's good to see how far things have come. Much of what I do here is try to improve coverage on all things Belgium related, especially Brussels. Belgium is an interesting place and people know far too little about it. Not that I limit my contributions to only Belgium though; with so much to write about, what would be the fun in that?

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Articles I wrote, translated to English, significantly expanded or significantly rewrote:


  1. Frenchification of Brussels


  1. History of silk, translated into Chinese
  2. Covering of the Senne - DYK, Selected anniversary for February 13, translated into Russian, Dutch and Ukranian


  1. ‎The Bronze Horseman - DYK, translation featured in Georgian language, translated into Italian, Spanish and Esperanto
  2. Fortifications of Brussels - DYK, translated into Chinese
  3. Bombardment of Brussels - DYK, Selected anniversary for August 15, translated into Spanish
  4. Wallonia
  5. Economy of Belgium - (mostly from PD sources)
  6. Supply management (Canada) - DYK
  7. Leopold II of Belgium
  8. Sablon (Brussels) - DYK


  1. Albert Tissandier - DYK
  2. Canut revolts - Selected anniversary for November 22
  3. French Community Holiday - DYK
  4. Sillon industriel - DYK
  5. Tunnel Mountain - DYK
  6. Brussels-Charleroi Canal - DYK
  7. Brussels Stock Exchange
  8. Small ring (Brussels) - translated into Danish
  9. Saint Gaugericus Island - DYK
  10. St V
  11. Carl Rungius - DYK
  12. Siege of Namur (1695) - DYK, on the main page when Wikipedia hit the 3,000,000 article mark, translated into New Norwegian and Farsi
  13. Government of the Brussels-Capital Region
  14. Norman Luxton - DYK
  15. Grand Place
  16. Flag of Belgium
  17. Atrani
  18. Robert W. Wood
  19. Belgian cuisine
  20. Elastography
  21. Couque de Dinant




  1. Template:Brusselsname
  2. Template:Tallest buildings and structures in Belgium
  3. Template:Dioceses of Belgium


  1. List of tallest buildings and structures in Belgium

Time sinksEdit

Articles I've spent a good deal of effort on but can't really claim authorship:

  1. Brussels
  2. Belgium
  3. Catholic University of Leuven and its historical versions


My image contributions are detailed at Commons:User:Oreo Priest.


  • I nominated and extensively edited infant swimming, the #1 Did You Know article of all time.